#MeettheExec Hanna: The Go-Getter Girl with a Heart of Service

 This week we are back with another profile from a great friend of mine friend and fellow member of Her Campus SFU! Take some time reading up about this friendly face who can be spotted giving a helping hand all over campus.


Name: Hanna Araza

Hometown: Abbotsford

Program of Study: Communication with Publishing Minor

Year: 2nd

Fun Fact: I went bungee jumping this summer! My friend was going away for 2 years, and I asked him what he wanted to do before he left. Bungee jumping it was.

How and when did you get involved in Her Campus?

Hanna: I first heard about the club from you and Emerald (another editorial team member at Her Campus SFU).  I came to the wine social event that you guys hosted and heard that they were recruiting more members. HC needed someone to help with the social media accounts.

I already loved reading the articles, and I like how it was mostly catered towards college women. A space where we can inspire, learn and share content with each other about our university experiences. The team is all so lovely too, so it seemed like a great fit and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to get involved so early on in my university career.

Tell us a little bit about your role on the Team?

Hanna: I help update the all the social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. I enjoy helping keep a neat, clean and elegant aesthetic across all platforms. Searching and taking cute photos and coming up with clever captions is always fun too.


I know you love leadership and service, where did the passion come from?

Hanna: I always had a heart for volunteering. In high school, I was known for getting involved in as many things as I could and keeping busy. The truth is I just love help and interact with others. For me, being involved with numerous clubs on campus goes further than just building a resume. The reward comes from fostering new relationships, connecting with others and genuine service. Not just doing it for the sake of it. Originally I wanted to major in international relations since I want to do NGO work in the future, but communication seemed like the better fit for me.

How did you first get involved in Residence Life?

Hanna: I became and Residence Life Orientation leader in the winter. Funnily enough, with you as well, and I loved the experience. I got the opportunity to help up with winter orientation and help a new group of students gets adjusted to both residence and campus life. It was awesome to form friendships with the other orientation leaders as well, as we all had this passion for people and desire to build community.

And that's what lead you to want to become a Community Advisor?

Hanna: Exactly! I had such a great experience in residence in my first-year, that I wanted to help facilitate that for other incoming freshman and new students. The leadership opportunity, and growth in my communication, and interpersonal skills have already. It's helping me become more assertive. I trust myself a lot more now. Even though it's only been a few weeks, my confidence in adapting and dealing with all sorts of situations has gone way up. Seeing a community form on my floor is extremely rewarding too! Look at who knew that we'd go from living on the same floor together, become friends, and then CA's the next year. It's crazy to think of how your friends from one year can become not just great friends but coworkers the next?


I know you have a tight schedule and this isn't all you're up to! What else are you involved in around campus?

Hanna:  Outside school and Her Campus, I'm currently a member of the United Nations Club, the SFU Stress Reliever Club, and I also work as a Community Advisor in SFU residence. So yes, you could say that I'm very busy, but I try and just take it one day at a time. Juggling so many tasks can get overwhelming, but, it's all about scheduling, making lists, and then being disciplined enough to carry them through. Another thing is, sometimes you have to know when to just rest and go out and enjoy dinner with your friends, but also know that the night in the library will serve you better.


Despite, the late night curly fries from the dining hall, Hanna's favorite thing about living in residence is the diverse friendships she's gotten to develop. Between studying in the common room or just hanging out in areas on residence she's so grateful for the connections she's managed to make so far. Hanna really emphasized that fact that Res Life offers so many events and activities that allowed her to meet so many people. She's almost positive it will do the same for others as well.

With all your experience in Reslife, what advice do you have for those debating whether to live on campus?


Hanna: Just go for it. Really. You get to experience so much that you don't get when you commute. Like I've said, it's an awesome way to make friends. For me, I realized that living in dorms offers a comfortable space and good transition period. You get to live away from home, but not completely alone. It's a good way to start "adulating" and gain a little bit of confidence being independent. transition period. You're surrounded by people going through the same routine as you. Plus, exploring campus after hours is always fun. Got to find all those good study spots!

You know that I love your style and taste in all things fashion and stationery! Tell us your go lazy day outfit?


Hanna: Simple. Comfy clothes. So, days you wake up, want to feel relaxed but still want to look on point go. For me, I like to go with what I call my uniform. Step one, throw on a big comfy, baggy knit sweater. Basically, anything soft will do haha.  Next, maybe sport some black leggings paired with ankle boots or the classic white sneaker. To finish it off, since Vancouver weather is so unpredictable, complete your "look" by adding an oversized denim jacket.  There's not much too it. It's hard to go wrong with this combo in any season!

 Even with multiple commitments, Hanna is all about balance. In her spare time, Hanna loves to binge watch Netflix series, eat poke, or indulge in a little online shopping. Hanna captures the essence of "me-time" perfectly expressing how facemasks, and a nice drink from Starbucks are a must on her busiest days.

There you have it. Now you know a little bit more about the lovely, Hanna, her take on campus life and her contributions to Her Campus SFU.


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