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Meet the Jr Exec: Our Very Own Scarlett Poole

Hometown: Vancouver Major: Communication  Year: 4th Year

1. How has your experience at SFU been and why did you choose to major in communications?

I actually first heard about the Communication program at SFU while at Langara College studying Publishing. One of my classmates, and now good friends, told me about how her sister did the program and loved it. At that point Publishing was my first educational pursuit, but it was only a diploma so I thought a degree in Communication would be complimentary. I don’t think I fully had a grasp on what a degree in Communication was all about until I was sitting in CMNS 130. That class opened up my mind, which in contrast to today was rather narrow back then. My interest in political issues grew out of that class. Another great experience I have had while at SFU is taking part in Co-op. The work experience I have gotten from my three terms has been so helpful in building my portfolio. While I was sceptical about stretching out school, I definitely don’t regret it.

FUN FACT: Leanne Johnson from the publishing faculty taught me at Langara once upon a time.


2. Why did you decide to get involved with Her Campus?

YOU! Don’t be modest. I had heard about Her Campus a few semesters ago (cannot remember how mind you), but you were the one that was like hey! I joined Her Camus, I’m going to New York, and this is awesome. So here I am! It’s nice because when I first started at SFU, I looked into joining clubs, but the ones that piqued my interest weren’t good for my schedule. Her Campus is great because I get to work remotely, but it’s easy to get in touch with my fellow Her Campus colleagues. Despite being apart, I have lots of events to look forward to and see the HC ladies in person, such as the Her Campus SFU X Kappa Beta Gamma Wine Social that happening on the 2nd of November.


3. Why did you decide to join the marketing team for Her Campus?

Is it lame to say… because I was asked? Lynsey our SFU Campus Correspondent asked if I would like to do more than just write and I jumped at the opportunity to be more involved with the organization. Marketing is something that I am passionate about so I went for it. Currently we are working on marketing our donation drive for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.  

4. What are some of your interest outside of writing?

I love to travel. No matter where I get my passport stamped, I find so much peace in getting away. Maybe it seems odd, but in my day-to-day life with work and school and other commitments, I struggle to just chill. So in a year when I haven’t read anything besides textbooks, I can go away for a couple weeks and devour 5 books. When there isn’t a plane ticket involved, I enjoy photography, eating a well-crafted eggs benny and antiquing.   

5. What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining Her Campus?

Do it! Honestly I am just starting out, but all the girls that I have worked with either digitally or had the pleasure of meeting in person have been great. It is a very supportive community filled with strong women with voices that deserve to be heard. 


6. What is one thing you could not live without?

This is a tough one because I LOVE ice cream. I am the customer at Earnest returning 8 jars at a time—NO SHAME! However, anyone who knows me well enough would tell you it’s tea. I’m also the girl who goes into DavidsTea and buys 500 grams at once. I think having my dad give me tea since age 3 kind of set the standard and despite my mom protesting to him not to give her daughter caffeine at such a young age, I still made it to 5’10”. 


Amneet is a 4th year communications student at Simon Fraser University. Born and raised in the city of Surrey, she loves the sound of rain, in fact she listens to rain sounds every night to help her sleep. Her favorite past times include: reading, binge watching Netflix shows and perfecting the art of sarcasm. You can get to know her more by following her Instagram: amku2500.
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