Meet The Exec: Chelsea Bengco

This week, we are taking a closer look into getting to know our very own member of the Her Campus executive team/former chapter writer, Chelsea Bengco!


Tell us a bit about your experience with Her Campus and how it led you to the roll you are in now!

My Her Campus SFU experience started last year where I was a par of the Chapter Writer team. Ultimately, I enjoyed how organized and how welcoming the team was and loved how the overall magazine is represented by empowered university and college students. As I do have a passion for writings, i wanted to volunteer and contribute more of my time and dedication towards the social media department within this amazing organization. Through my previous experiences related to social media and public relations, I was honoured to get this position in order to expand my skills and have more of a leadership roll. That being said, I am more than excited to see what my social media team and I can do to keep up and build off of what Summer built for our platforms last year!


Why social media?

I was always intrigued by how much technology actually takes over our lives. The ways in which  marketing and business platforms are able to build their following is really interesting to me.


What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not at school, I work at the Aritzia Support office and I’m a server as well. I also like to make time for my friends and family.


What would you say to somebody considering joining our SFU Her Campus team?

I would first off educate our new members on the message that Windsor, Annie and Stephanie promote for Her Campus. I then would recommend them to start off as a writer in order to grasp onto the basics on writing skills and how to time manage the strict writing schedule into their school schedules. Following that, I would influence them to join our team as here at HC SFU, we are extremely welcoming and meeting new people.