Meet Barkha Patel: Chic, Colourful, Charming

There are always those personalities you meet in life that make everything seem so much brighter. Barkha Patel is one of SFU’s finest. Infectiously happy, quirky, and friendly, Barkha is one of the most charming people I have ever made acquaintance with, and the best news is she’s an up and coming YouTube personality, so you can tune into her charm too!

Name: Barkha Patel

Year: 4th year 

Program: Psychology 

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Social media: Barkha Patel, Youtube Channel, Instagram: @barkhaapatel


I understand you have a YouTube channel. What is it about and what prompted you to start it?

I make fashion, lifestyle, comedy, and DIY videos. It's basically centred around my personality, and entertaining people with it. Over the past few years, I feel like I've been letting go of inhibitions, and I feel like this YouTube channel is an outlet for that. It is just this amazing platform where I can showcase my creativity and ideas.

You said your channel centres around your personality. How would you describe your personality, and is your YouTube personality separate from your real life personality?

Recently, a close friend of mine compared me to a pop tart and I laughed, but it stuck with me. My personality is a very happy, bubbly, loving, "nobody can bring me down" type. In simple words, I like to be happy and so I do anything and everything that keeps me happy.

And to be honest, the personality I have on camera is the exact same I have in real life. I am loud, I say weird things, and I laugh all the time. Anyone who knows me will see no difference at all. Of course, there are parts of my life I put on the internet and the parts I don't, but my personality remains the same.

What are your goals when it comes to YouTube?

I feel like sometimes people find themselves in toxic environments where they're not able to express themselves, or are afraid to. I want my videos to inspire them to come out of their shells, and just do what they want to do, even if they're judged for it. This is just something that hits close to home for me.

Favourite YouTubers? What do you like about them?

I'm going to force myself to pick just three: LaurDIY, Zoella, and Carly Cristman

I follow a lot of YouTubers. I follow some for their beauty and fashion tips, some for their comedy sketches, some for their vlogs, some for DIYs and some just because I like their personality and I'll literally watch anything they do. But, the three I chose of course all do different kinds of videos. LaurDIY, as the name suggests, does hella awesome DIY videos. Zoella does a lot of beauty and lifestyle stuff along with her vlogs that showcase her personal life with her boyfriend and pug. Carly does fashion videos and I love her sense of style. But, for me, it just depends on the person they are and how they make me feel when I spend those 10 minutes of my day (or well hours of my life cumulatively, ‘cause it's never just one video haha) on their video. If I enjoy their personality and their little quirks; I'll watch anything they create

Favourite video/types of videos to film so far?

I really like putting together look books! It's just so much fun picking outfits, deciding on make-up and accessories and hairstyles that work well together. Then I have to film everything in a very short window of available light because it's an outdoors affair, so it feels like this high stakes shoot (even though it's not).

Do you have more fun filming or editing?

If I HAD to pick one: filming. I like being on camera, it feels like I have my own little TV show, complete with bloopers. Also, since I'm JUST starting out, the process of filming is a fun learning experience.

How would you define your sense of style (other than "poppin" of course)?

I just like to borrow from everything I see, and wear as many different combinations as I can think of. Right now feels most like smart casual, street style, bohemian. But, I could just as easily turn around and put on a slick LBD and some heels if the event calls for it. In general, I always find myself overdressed, buuut.... I just roll with it.

What are some staple items you think every girl should have in her wardrobe?

These are some items that go great with EVERYTHING: red lipstick, a well fitted pair of high-waisted jeans, reliable heels, a bomber jacket. Oh, and you can never go wrong with stripes.

You can only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I could wear only one outfit, I SHOULD pick something comfortable, durable, and weather appropriate. But, that wouldn't be me, so I'm going with a white bandeau, a black denim dungaree dress and my gold trainers.


Do you have any words of advice (on any topic) for the women of SFU? Any advice for younger students? 

One thing I'd like to say is that SFU is an amazing school, and school is a great part of life, but don't let grades and your GPA tell you what you can achieve and accomplish. It's just a number. It's the experiences, the relationships, and all the fun that you manage to have while you're here that shapes you for the real world and that means so much more in the grand scheme of life. 

Where is your go to spot on campus to study, hang out, or take a nap?

Cornerstone Starbucks. I just walk in, they already know my order. It's a problem.

When you’re not studying or making Youtube videos, what are you doing? What does a day in the life of Barkha look like?

Just the usual: sleeping, being glued to my computer, and Netflixing hard. I also work at the SFU Alumni Appeal as a team lead. 

Go to jam for any occasion? 

Literally ANYTHING that I can sing along to. I have a problem. If I hear a song that I enjoy, I will listen to the song with the lyrics 100 times, so I can learn the exact lyrics and then jam along super loudly. 

What food do you most identify with and why?

Chocolate. Chocolate is life. 

You said the Starbucks workers already know your order. What is it?

My Starbucks order is always, always, always a Venti White Mocha.


Thanks for taking the time to chat, Barkha!