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Meet Amrita Mohar: A Girl with a Vision

Meet this week’s campus profile, Amrita Mohar! She is a second-year Communications student, event and program coordinator, and an overall driven individual. Born in Singapore but raised in Vancouver, Amrita grew up with big dreams and plans to achieve them. Let’s get to know Amrita:

Q: Why did you choose Communications?

A: I’ve always known I wanted to do it since high school. I did a lot of research. That’s just my personality; I like to have a plan and stick to it. I knew that other programs didn’t suit me so I figured out how to move forward and plan my future. Communications was the perfect fit because I want to do marketing or PR work. The program is able to give me that background.


Q: Outside of academics, I heard you’re involved in clubs. Can you describe your experience?

A: I decided to be involved because I think it’s asset to the program I’m in. Right now, I’m in the Communication Student Union (CMNSU). That one is really, really good. It’s a huge stepping stone. I’m an Event Coordinator so I plan a lot of events with the team.

I’m also in Young Women in Business (YWiB). I’m a coordinator for one of the programs called WISE. We get our members to work with people in the industry and provide them with services for learning tangible skills. This fall, we taught them graphic design. They learned a lot and even got to do an office tour. It’s really exciting because outside of school, it’s expensive to take classes for these skills. I think these types of programs are important not only for students, but also young women. Nowadays, there are limited opportunities for us in the industry. Giving opportunities to young women motivates them to do and strive for more.

Those are the two clubs that keep me busy. I hope to continue being involved and to help them grow. Once I’m passionate about something, I really want to make it better. I see plenty of opportunities for the CMNSU to grow and become more successful. I think we’re on the way of doing that. YWiB, it’s been a renowned club for so long and I love working with it. It’s an amazing opportunity for me.


Q:Wow, you’re a busy girl! How do you manage your time?

A: I invest in a really good planner or agenda. I spend about one hour in the beginning on the week, such as on a Sunday, to plan each day. I’ll write down meetings, when to work on specific classes, etc. That’s really important for me. Otherwise, I might forget something or get overwhelmed. Planning gives me structure and that’s what I like.


Q: Let’s get to know you outside of SFU. Can you talk about something you like or enjoy?

A: Ever since I was young, I’ve always liked fashion. I’ve done a lot of styling. I do it with my friend right now, who’s a local photographer. He’s amazing and the work he does is really different. I help him style from time to time. When I think of fashion, my ultimate career goal is to become a Director of Communications for a major fashion label.

In my spare time, when I’m not working, I like to relax by not doing anything. I unwind and not think about the things I need to do.


Q: Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

A: I really love reality TV shows. I watch so many; it’s embarrassing! Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Housewives of Atlanta—those are my jams and I watch them when I’m not doing anything. I find these shows so funny and I’m obsessed with them. I follow some of the housewives on Snapchat and it’s hilarious!


Q: Finally, what advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

A: I would tell her that it gets better. High school isn’t everything and there are so many opportunities after graduation. She’d become so much happier. It isn’t the end of the world. When I was 16, I was unsure what I was doing and felt lost. I was stuck with limited classes and a smaller environment but when you graduate, there’s a bigger world out there.


Five Favourites:

Favourite food: Sushi

Favourite course at SFU: Any class with Daniel Ahadi or Jody Baker

Favourite fashion brand: Dior, streetwear brands from San Francisco such as Black Scale and Pink+Dolphin

Favourite spot in or around the city: Prado Café

Favourite thing about herself: Her drive and focus


Want to know more? Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her Instagram @amritamohar!