Made in the A.M is The Best One Direction Album

The best piece of work ever released by One Direction is “Made in the A.M”. “Made in the A.M” is the most mature, dynamic and historical album ever released by the band. The vibes of this album are immaculate. Every emotion from nostalgia to happiness to absolute heartbreak is amplified. To further explain why I think the fourth studio album from One Direction is the best, I will explain how perfect every song is track by track.


  • Hey Angel - Okay, so I lied. I really don’t know much about this song because I haven't listened to it in years and it’s not very memorable. 
  • Drag Me Down - This song is perfect, literally. If I was to describe this song, I would say it is somewhat of a revenge song, but revenge in the nicest way possible. There is nothing more any music engineer or producer can do to further enhance the overall quality of this song. Additionally, this song was one of the first songs released after Zayn left the band and honestly set the record that they could still continue on as a band and be good, if not better without him. In conclusion, this song is the modern day eye of the tiger.
  • Perfect - Beautiful. This song really is meant to be played in the car with all the windows down in the summertime. Immaculate. 
  • Infinity - The vocals from Harry Styles are truly incredible, but did we expect anything less from him? No. 
  • End of the Day- This song feels like something that would be played in Ireland, I don’t know why, but it just gives off those vibes. The song is fun nonetheless.
  • If I Could Fly - Honestly, it's a crying song. You know the vibes, right?
  • Long Way Down - The metaphors are out of this world and we love that. Long Way Down is another crying song that will make you feel sad forever. Trust me, I'm still not over it.
  • Never Enough - Have you ever seen the movie “Adventures of Babysitting” where in the opening scene Chris dances around her room to a love song. Never Enough is that type of song, it truly radiates the happiness you feel at the beginning stages of a relationship. 
  • Olivia - This song includes a sample of “Pure Imagination” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which exudes nostalgia and bliss all in one. Truly genius song, like who wrote this? Give them a Nobel Peace Prize. 
  • What A Feeling - This song is the best song in the world. There is no other song that tops this one. Although this song is very inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac could never reach this level of brilliance. That is saying a lot because Stevie Nicks wrote a diss song about one of her bandmates and made him perform for the majority of their career. Nonetheless, What A Feeling is so diverse and beautiful. 
  • Love You Goodbye - Sad girl hours multipled by one hundred. 
  • I Want to Write You a Song - Not going to lie, this song makes me want to run around the Austrian hills like Maria from the Sound of Music.
  • History - Nostalgia multipled by one thousand. Of course, we all know and love this song. 
  • Temporary Fix - One of One Direction’s only risque songs to ever exist, but were here for it. Additionally, the message behind this song is not subliminal by any chance, which is a sign of the maturing times of the fanbase . 
  • Walking in the Wind - If i am being honest, I had no idea this song existed till now. Therefore, I cannot speak on it. 
  • Wolves - Immaculate. This song is almost a folk song without actually being a folk song. This song deserves to be on every playlist ever, just not the crying ones.
  • A.M - Nostalgia, nostalgia and nostalgia. This song was quite historical as it was the first and only song that One Direction swore in. Yet, this song just feels like falling in love with a frat boy, but one whose “not like other frat boys” and can’t name a single football team, ya feel?

The seventeen song range of this album provides every emotion possible. This album has almost no bad songs, but most importantly this album proved that One Direction could still be iconic even without Zayn. Additionally, as it has been five years since the release of this album, it is quite possible that we will never get another One Direction album again. Therefore, they really did put out a banger as they finished their joint career. 

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