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Keeping Up With HC SFU: Blogs to Follow This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

Ah, April! The bittersweet month of final exams, term papers, and then finally, summer! As President of Her Campus at SFU, I want to thank all of our lovely readers. As summer is approaching, we will be taking some time off from posting as we enter our team transitioning period and prepare for next semester. But remember, this isn’t “goodbye”, it is “see you later!” In the meantime, keep up-to-date with the HC SFU team through our personal blogs until our content picks back up again!

1. Keep up with Sophie: Current HC SFU writer & soon-to-be Campus Correspondent

Blog: The Life of Me

Click here to keep up with Sophie!

2. Keep up with Nadia: HC SFU Writer

Blog: Nadia Le 

Click here to keep up with Nadia!

3. Keep up with Emily: HC SFU Writer and soon-to-be Junior PR/Marketing Director

Blog: emcookxo

Click here to keep up with Emily!

4. Keep up with Mihaela: HC SFU Writer & soon-to-be Junior Editor

Blog: Minute Read

Click here to keep up with Mihaela!

5. Keep up with Claire: HC SFU Writer & soon-to-be Junior Social Media Coordinator

Blog: Claire Patterson

Click here to keep up with Claire!

6. Keep up with Lynsey (me): Current President/Campus Correspondent at HC SFU

Blog: Lynsey Gray

Click here to keep up with me (Lynsey)!

Hi, I'm Lynsey! I am a 20 something full-time Communications student at SFU, the past PR/Marketing Director of HC SFU, and current Campus Correspondent. I am also an avid literature lover, coffee consumer, and aspiring PR professional who is still fairly new to the city, as my roots are deep in the West Kootenays.  Follow me on Instagram @lynseygray, to get to know me better at lynseygray.ca, or connect with me on LinkedIn https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lynsey-gray-088755aa