How to Make Your Week More Productive: Starting with Sunday

Who doesn’t love Sunday? Leisurely wake up, enjoy a workout, brunch, run errands, catch up on some trashy reality TV, enjoy a facemask and plan for the week ahead. You want to have a productive week? For me personally how my week starts is usually how it ends. Sundays specifically allow me the luxury of preparing for the grueling week ahead. These are some of the things I do to help ensure my weekly productivity:

Write things down (Plan & Set Goals): planning and writing down goals is a great way to lessen anxiety. There is something very therapeutic about physically writing down and mapping out what I think is important, it helps me to feel organized and holds me accountable.


Prep (Meals & Wardrobe): these are time-saving habits that can translated into other areas of life.  We spend so much time worrying about what and where to eat or what we have to wear, by preparing a few days or a week in advance both time and money can be saved.


Clean:  Reduce your clutter and mess, this will make for a less chaotic and hectic week, I promise! Sundays are the perfect day to do your laundry, clean the mountain of clothes off your bedroom floor and reorganize your messy desk. This will not only help you FEEL more productive but it allows you to appreciate your space and surroundings.


Pamper: After a busy week it is important to give yourself the time to wind down. Pour yourself a glass of rosé, draw yourself a warm bubble bath, turn up the Ed Sheeran tunes and put on a soothing facemask. You deserve to set some time aside to recharge and pamper yourself.


Catch up: this could be with friends over brunch, on your school work or with family. Start your week off feeling the most productive by catching up on some things you can often neglect when life gets too busy.


I hope these tips will help you to cultivate healthy Sunday habits that will ensure a productive week ahead!