Halloween for the Homebody

As the spookiest time of the year, Halloween is a reason to celebrate. We visit haunted houses, attend parties, and dress up in costumes. Although I’ve enjoyed these activities, there are times when relaxation is more appealing. For the tired student or old soul, there is no shame in spending the Halloween weekend at home. There are low-key but still great ways to do so:


Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters

Bring on the nostalgia by handing out treats. Now that we’re adults (*gasp*), we find ourselves on the other side of the door during Halloween. If you plan to be home, why not give treats to little witches and superheroes? Their costumes are adorable, their innocence is endearing, and their comments are often honest and entertaining. Just make sure not to finish the candy yourself; you can buy them on sale the next day.


Watch a horror movie (or two... or three)

Want an adrenaline rush without moving? Cozy up as you watch the scariest collections on Netflix. There isn’t a more suitable day for horror films. If you want to be scared, I recommend The Shining for its clever cinematography and Psycho for a psychological thrill. The Ring also ranks high for its overall scare factor. Modern films like The Conjuring and Insidious both gave me the chills.

Not a horror fan? Fear not. Mystery and crime flicks can provide the same thrill with less gore and fewer jump scares. TV shows Stranger Things and Criminal Minds are both fan favourites. You can also check out the YouTube series Buzzfeed Unsolved. Alternatively, you can binge on childhood classics like Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, and Halloweentown.


Bake Halloween treats

Make something delicious to snack on during your movie marathon. Indulge in traditional fall flavours like apples, caramel, and the ever-so-famous pumpkin spice. You can also put a twist on classic recipes by making them resemble Halloween figures. Cut and decorate sugar cookies into ghosts, pumpkins, and witches’ hats. Use a piping bag to draw spider webs and red icing as fake blood. For something simple, use orange and black icing or sprinkles. If you need ideas and guidance, Pinterest is known for creative and aesthetically-pleasing recipes. YouTube is also useful for step-by-step tutorials.


Get creative

Pumpkin carving is a classic arts and crafts activity. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your design—from traditional jack-o’-lantern faces to cartoon characters, animals, and abstract patterns. You can pick up a pumpkin carving kit at the store, print out a stencil, or completely DIY.

If carving is not your strong suit, there are other ways to get crafty. Decorating the house or apartment can get you in the Halloween spirit. Spook trick-or-treaters with window cut-outs, lights, and other outdoor decorations. You can also decorate indoors, especially if you plan to stay in. Candles and paper crafts can set a Halloween mood as you watch movies, bake, or relax. Feel free to buy these decorations or create your own!

You can also experiment with Halloween-themed makeup or nail art. Dressing up is a part of Halloween so it’s the perfect time to try an avant-garde look. Go for something dark and mysterious, bold and vibrant, cute and dainty—whatever suits your aesthetic.


Catch up on sleep

Wild, I know. If you’re a college student, I bet that you recently wrote a midterm. If the title of this article spoke to you, I bet that you’re stressed, sick, or seeking the comfort of Netflix and pyjamas. If you said yes to a few of these, I bet that you’re lacking some precious sleep. Unfortunately, responsibilities don’t stop when the Halloween fun begins. Although it isn’t the most exciting activity, sleep is a healthy choice during midterms and flu season.



Before the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, trick your brain into treating itself with a restful night. Happy Halloween!