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Goodbye Childhood: Things I Will Miss About the Disney Store

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

An iconic 90s store has hopped on the train trend of converting only to online. Sadly, that is the nostalgic Disney store.

In March, Disney announced that they would be closing their stores across North America. Overall, 60 stores have now closed and coming end of summer,all metro Vancouver stores will too.

According to Disney, the sudden change is a result of consumer trends and shopping habits. Due to the pandemic, there has been a drastic shift in our shopping habits. More than ever, we are shopping online which is a more comfortable alternative than going to the mall. Yet this shift has created changes that leave us wondering what will happen to the traditional mall setting. Perhaps someday all retail shopping will be online.

When I went to Harajuku Japan, I was surprised to find an ‘online store’, where you couldn’t buy anything in person. You can go the store and try on clothes, but you could only purchase them online. When I went to ask an employer where the cash register was, I was surprised that they didn’t have one. I can’t help question whether this will be the future of shopping. Its quite an interesting concept but one that I am not sure I like or not. Personally, I love going out with friends to a mall, as I find mall outings much more fun than scrolling through an online store.

Visiting the Disney store is an experience all on its own, especially if you’re a Disney fan. Now where can you get your Disney magic fix? Here are 4 things I will miss about the Disney store

Bonding with Friends and Family

I remember when the Metrotown mall Disney store opened. My friends and I made a ‘Disney day’ out of it. We talked about our favourite movies and sat in the gazebo and sang-along to the classical Disney tunes. It was truly an amazing time. 

Seasonal Items

Whenever I went window shopping, I loved stopping by the Disney store to check out the seasonal items. Every season the Disney store would release Mickey and friends plushies dressed up accordingly. This year they had Stitch dressed up as a bunny for Easter. Super adorable and exciting to see what they came up for different holidays. 

Not Having to Pay Ridiculous Online Shipping Prices: 

That’s right! One bad thing about the shift to only online stores is paying the shipping costs. With a minimum fee to purchase online that can go up to $75, Disney fans will have to scrape out every penny they got. Shipping fees to Canada are outrageous.

The Overall Magic

From the classic Disney soundtracks to the pink Disney princess castle, the aesthetic feel inside the store is something that is priceless.

Visiting the Disney Store is now a bittersweet, childhood memory. And I am going to miss it!

Belle Villar is a fourth year student studying World Literature and Publishing. She is passionate about travelling, and daydreams of seeing exotic places around the world. In her spare time, she loves visiting bookstores and collecting books for her ever growing home library.