Giving Yourself ‘Me Time’ in Vancouver

We always seem to be too busy or not wanting ‘me time’ but little do we realize the importance of it. Sometimes it’s not even that we don’t have the time, it’s the fact that our friends are out so shouldn’t we be too? Let’s admit it we all have that one friend that is out every night… even on a Monday... how is that even possible??


There is often a pressure that we need to be constantly doing something… anything… Getting the perfect picture to post on our Instagram, Snapchats, be able to tell our friends a funny story or something cool we saw in the week. But the question is, why do we need to be with someone to feel like we’ve done something worth telling?


Here are some things that I like to do;

  1. Challenge yourself to finish a glass of water every morning. Not only will it help wake you up, but it can also improve your metabolism! Take that time for yourself, read your favourite blog, watch a video, read the newspaper…

  2. Go for a drive! Bring a blanket and go watch the stars from your favourite location in town. My favourite spot would have to be the White Rock Beach!

  3. Running! No matter if it’s a slow jog, run, or sprint… challenge yourself and beat your goal. Let’s admit it, it feels so amazing after a successful workout session!

  4. Netflix night? Put on your favourite show, make some popcorn and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate… perfect for the cold and rainy nights!

  5. Visit some local attractions! Capilano Suspension Bridge has put up their Christmas lights, and realistically speaking, strike now! You can beat the lines!

  6. Read a book? I know being in university and all, things have changed. Myself as a Communications student I understand. But it’s important to remind ourselves that reading doesn’t always have to be mandatory…  If you are looking for ideas; Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, or Forest Gump by Winston Groom (an all-time favourite of mine)

  7. Last thing. Decorate! Christmas is coming, which is even more perfect, visit your local Dollar Store and buy some decorations! Change it up this year, look up some DIY’s and get going!


The most important part is to find what works for you and have fun. Don’t be afraid to disconnect occasionally.