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Everything you need to know about Her Campus at SFU

                                               Everything you need to know about Her Campus at SFU


What is Her Campus?

The story of Her Campus began with three women Harvard students named Windsor, Annie and Stephanie in 2009. These women realized there was a major gap in the media market for university women. Therefore, they created Her Campus, an online magazine made by university women for university women. Since then, Her Campus has grown to be the #1 global community for university women, as there are more than 380 chapters across the world! 

Her Campus is an inclusive online magazine that focuses on topics like fashion, beauty, health, career and many more! Her Campus provides university students the space to learn to create and publish editorial content, learn social media skills, host events, develop career skills, and become part of a bigger community. 


How can you get involved with Her Campus at SFU?

After a year-long hiatus, Her Campus at SFU relaunched as of  this spring semester. So much of Her Campus at SFU is new, but there are many ways to get involved! The three main ways to get involved with this chapter of Her Campus are to attend our weekly meetings, attend our events, and contribute writings to our online magazine. 

General Member Meetings: Our meetings will take place on every second Wednesday at 5:30 pm PST. These meetings will include bonding activities, information about current Her Campus at SFU activities, as well as committee break out rooms. Now, what are committees? To engage our general members, we have created committees for our writing and events teams. Through these committees, you will be able to collaborate with our executive members and garner experience for future career directions. For example, with the writing committee, the Editors will host writing workshops and/or pitch ideas. Everyone is welcome to attend our General Member Meetings! Zoom links will be posted on our Discord.

Events: The Her Campus at SFU events are a great way to meet other SFU students and to network! Among past events have included a brunch with female CEOs, writing workshops with a Narcity writer among many others! Stay tuned on our social media platforms for updates on upcoming events! 

Contribute: The Editorial team at Her Campus at SFU is always looking for submissions for our online magazine! The process of contributing is very simple. All you will need to do is to write a non-partisan piece that fits into one of these categories; wellness, lifestyle, culture, beauty, style, decor, highschool, sex/relationships, and her20s. Once you have a piece ready to submit, please email hcampus@sfu.ca with a word document and our editors will be happy to review it. For more information, please email us or attend our General Member Meetings.


Where now?

  • Sign up here to be a member of Her Campus at SFU through SFSS Go

  • Sign up for our mailing list to receive our announcements.

  • Join our Discord! Our Discord features channels for everything regarding Her Campus at SFU. This platform is the main way to connect directly with other members. 

  • Follow us on Social Media! On Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @hercampussfu

Now you have finally learnt everything you need to know about Her Campus at SFU! Our executive team is working hard to provide the best content for everyone to see. We hope this article has inspired you to get involved with this chapter and we can’t wait to provide a community for all self identifying women at SFU!


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Kiara is an International Studies major concentrating in International Security and Conflict with a minor in Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University.
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