Between the Sheets: The Most Embarrassing Moments

Last week, we looked at something a little heavier, but talking about sex doesn't always have to be serious - it's good to laugh too! This week we asked you about your most embarrassing/funniest experience. Read what SFU women had to say:

One time, my boyfriend and I were having sex at a park because the weather was sunny. It was the afternoon, and no kids in sight. I was wearing a dress so I just straddled him. We hid in some bushes, beside a gravel path. As he’s putting the condom on, we hear footsteps. Immediately, we freeze, and stop. An elderly man walked right by us. He didn’t appear to see us or anything so we continued. Two minutes later, he walks by again, interrupting us. Then, again. And again. He walks by about a dozen times, and my boyfriend and I get some fed up/feel so awkward, we call it a day. I don’t know if he saw us or why he was walking up and down this one path in the park.


I was having sex with my boyfriend when I tripped onto the side of the bed and we both fell down laughing like crazy



The first time I had sex with the guy I was seeing was while we were watching Mr Bean (which I hate). Half way through his roommate came home... and the door was open. Not a good start to the sexual relationship!



My boyfriend at the time was trying to sext me, but was being pretty awkward. I screenshotted to send to my one really close friend who I talked about that kind of stuff with to be like “how am I supposed to respond to this??”. I accidentally sent it to my really conservative friend. They were horrified, as was I.



One time me and my boyfriend were hooking up in a spare classroom/office type area. It had a lock on the door, so we would go in super early, like 7AM, before any teachers would be around. There’s also a printer in there but students don’t normally print stuff that early, plus there were printers elsewhere. So, I’m on his lap, and we’re getting underdressed, and someone knocks at the door. We ignore it. They knock again. I finally go and answer the door and it’s one of my classmates, wanting to use the printer. She immediately knew something was up and tried to come in. I hadn’t told anyone about me and this guy, so I didn’t want her to see him. We agreed that she would come back in 5 minutes and me and my guy would be gone by then, so we left. I’m not sure if she ever figured out who I was with, but she definitely knew I was hooking up and teased me about it for days.



Between the Sheets is an series where SFU women can be empowered through reading the thoughts and experiences of women like them, and anonymously contributing their own! We deserve a space where we can feel comfortable and confident with expressing our sexuality (regardless of how sexual we are), and it's time we make one.

Thank you to all the women who sent in their responses this week. Come back next week to read about our most embarrassing sex stories! You can send in anonymous responses and requests here (link to: