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The Benefits of Decorating with Greenery: Why You Should Invest in Indoor Plants This Spring

As online learning and studying at home are now part of our daily lives, it has become crucial to create a space that you love and brings joy. Taking time to revamp your space has so many possibilities. Plus, designing a space that you love can be fun!

However, when it comes to good design you can never underestimate the importance of adding as much plants as you can to your room.  There are many reasons why having plants is beneficial. Beyond their aesthetic value, plants help reduce toxins in the air and improve air quality. They are therapeutic, especially when you need a break from staring at your computer screen. Instead you can stare and admire the plants! The benefits of decorating with plants are endless.

You can choose how to display them, from upcycling mugs and glass jars, to how you position them on a shelf or by a window. It is no surprise then how much we love to fill our homes with lots of greenery.

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries, there are lots plants out there that are low-maintenance and easy to care for. Don’t know where to start? Here are 3 plants to invest in to spruce up your space.


  • Pothos Plant ($10 – $20)

With its heart shaped leaves, how much more adorable can a plant be? In addition, they grow really long, which can give any area a jungle-like aesthetic. Pothos are really easy to propagate aka you can make more plants! Cut the plant at each leaf/node and stick it in water for a few weeks and it will grow roots.

Benefit: can help alleviate eye irritation and tiredness from screen time.


  • Snake Plant ($15 – $25)

Did you know that snake plants are NASA-Approved air purifiers? How cool is that! 

Snake plants are also super easy to grow and work well in indirect light, so if you have a shady corner or space underneath your window it will do great there. As they grow tall, it can fill up vertical space in any room. To propagate, you simply need to cut off the top a leaf and stick it into soil.

Benefit: It’s not only a beautiful plant but arguably the best bedroom purifier to invest in.


  • Aloe Plant ($10 – $15)

Not only is this cute little plant like a succulent, but it’s also incredibly easy to care for. You only need to deeply water it once every three weeks. Aloe is really good for cuts or sunburn. Simply cut open the lather cool insides and rub it onto your skin.

Benefits: Aloe has healing properties from curing acne to improving your digestive health.

Whether or not, you are an experienced plant parent that should not stop you from becoming one. specially as the benefits are great for your overall well-being plus it makes any room lively and cozy. Honestly, there is no such thing as having too many plants.

Belle Villar is a fourth year student studying World Literature and Publishing. She is passionate about travelling, and daydreams of seeing exotic places around the world. In her spare time, she loves visiting bookstores and collecting books for her ever growing home library.
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