The Benefits of Being a Third Wheel

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples and single people out in the world. This is the day to get together and celebrate relationships both new and old, friendly and unfriendly, and good and bad-- just kidding, don’t celebrate the bad relationships.

To all the single people, this is certainly not the time to sulk! Call up your friends and do something you all love. One of my personal favourite things about being single is being able to third wheel on dates and nights out (shout out to my amazing friends who let me do this!)

Below I outline some of the many benefits I receive from being a third wheel.


1. You get free food

Because what is the one thing that is better than free food? Getting free food out of pity. The key here is to make your friends who are in a relationship pity you, so that they feel the need to keep you happy.

“Are you gonna eat that?”

“Yeah, I wa--”

*Insert sad puppy dog eyes here*

“Go ahead…all yours.”

2. You’ll have an extra person for everything

Need someone to hold a spot in a lineup? No problem.

Stepping up your Insta game and need a photographer to take photos of you and your friend? Feasible.

Having trouble finding an Uber? Three phones are better than one.

Finally, there are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, be a third wheel and get your friends to pay.

3. You get your very own exclusive live reality show

This is truly an entertaining perk. If a stranger were to watch your friends fight, that would be rude. You, on the other hand, are somewhat obligated to watch on to make sure things don’t get too heated. Also, see point four.

4. You automatically become the mediator

Now, who has the power in this three-wheel relationship? Certainly not the couple. When a fight breaks out, you’ll need to assume the role of mediator and use your powers to save the day (and their relationship.)

In return, you’ll receive the amazing feeling of accomplishment and be a helping hand. YAY!


5. Your friends can help you find your soulmate

On the other hand, your friends can help you too by keeping an eye out your own soulmate. If your friends are anything like mine, they’ll most likely become very invested in finding you your best significant other. During this time, let them conduct all of their research and analysis (yes, research and analysis) in peace until they conclude who they believe will be your ideal soulmate.

And when they tell you who they’ve decided on, kindly reject going out with him or her, and remind your friends that it’s Valentine’s Day, so you’d much rather spend the day with them instead. :)