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The Art of Taking the Perfect Bath

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

Baths are an easy way to relax and recharge. Being a student can lead to feelings of constant stress and anxiousness, but I’ve found that baths, when done correctly, can really help me chill out and restore my energy.

Is there such a thing as the ‘perfect” bath? And if there is, how do you make one? I have spent some time crafting the ‘perfect’ bath; one that is warm, but not too hot, has plenty of bubbles, and is very indulgent. Preference may change from person to person, but if you’re not sure what your ideal bath is yet, this is a great place to start!

When I first started taking baths as a teenager I found that it was very easy to make it way too hot. I’d try to get in, but even once that was achieved, about five minutes later I’d be sweating and uncomfortable, and I ultimately wasted a bath bomb (the worst). After a few rounds of trial and error I discovered that there was a way to make the bath warm enough to feel cozy, but not hot enough to make me uncomfortable.

This is my method: whenever I decide to take a bath, I start running the water in the middle between hot and cold. As the bath fills up, I test the water to see what it’s like. If it’s too cold, I make the water only a little warmer and if it’s too hot I make the water colder. The trick is to check on the water as you fill it up. If you monitor and adjust the water temperature before the tub gets too full, you’ll get it perfect every time.

For me, a bath isn’t complete without something luxurious in it, whether that be a bath bomb, some bubbles, a bath oil, or even a combination of all three! I was first introduced to the world of these products by the company Lush. They are a cosmetics company that features a wide array of products – all cruelty free! Their most popular product is the bath bomb. They come in numerous different scents and shapes; once dropped into the bath water, the bath bombs fizzle and turn the bath different colors. Not only do they enhance the average bathing experience, they’re also amazing for Instagram pictures! The scent you choose can affect the your mood and the atmosphere of your bath, so it’s essential to choose the right product for the experience you want to achieve. Here is a quick rundown of products I love for each mood I’m in. If you want to feel…

Relaxed (think lavender)

  • Twilight (Bath Bomb), A French Kiss (Bubble Bar), and Dreamtime (Bath Oil)

Energized (think citrus/tropical scents)

  • Over and Over (Bath Bomb), Brightside (Bubble Bar), and Magnificent (Bath Oil)

Festive (try products from this year’s Christmas range)

  • Santa Bath Bomb, Candy Cane (Bubble Bar), and Star Light Star Bright (Bath Oil)

The last thing that affects my bath is what I do while I’m in it. Sometimes it sounds nice to read a book or watch a movie, however every time I’ve tried I always end up abandoning it halfway through. Everyone is different, but if you have trouble focusing while in the bath I’d recommend doing nothing at all! Taking a bath is the perfect time to do this. Sit back, relax, and take time to breathe in the scent of products you’ve used, think back on your day, or even try some meditation. I’ve noticed that the less I try to do in the bath, the more relaxed, energized, and refreshed I feel afterwards.

Baths are truly a form of art. They can look beautiful, smell amazing, and most importantly give you a chance to melt away the stress of the day. Whether you take them once a week, or month, or even year, I believe everyone can benefit from sitting and relaxing for a little. Let your bath reflect who you are and what you like. Be creative! Try out new things and maybe you’ll find out what makes a bath perfect to you.

Taylor is a second year student at SFU. When she's not at school or writing for Her Campus she likes to go to concerts, watch old school TV shows, and occasionally make videos for her YouTube channel. You can find her online @taylorcarsonnn.
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