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9 Episodes to Remind You That Your Girlfriends are the Loves of Your Lives

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

It’s that time of year again- Valentines Day! Whether you’re single and loving it, excited to spend it with a special someone, feeling like going all out with your pals for GALentines, or you straight up loathe February 14th, Valentines Day has probably crossed your mind at some point this month.

However you’re choosing to spend it, let’s all take a moment on this day of hearts, flowers, and chocolates to remember who we like eating those chocolates with the most- the women who constantly support us. Because she says it better than I ever could, let’s start off with some inspo from Tahmima Anam’s “Things Your Mama Never Told You (for fear you would demand a sex change).”:

“Your female friendships will keep you sane. You will be tempted to spend all your time sucking up to/sleeping with/worshipping/ trying to please men. But your women friends will pick you up after you have a break-up or gain weight or lose your job or go through a dry spell with your husband or have a miscarriage or start the menopause. Without them, you might possibly go mad, or accept more compromise than you should, or take a hard line you shouldn’t, or forget that you are a clever, magical being with a boundless capacity for love.”

(If you liked what you just read, check out Fifty Shades of Feminism edited by Lisa Appignanesi, Rachel Holmes, and Susie Orbach for 50 essays written by kickass women.)

Take a night off from the Rom-Coms where girl gets boy, and consume some of your favourite cult shows where girl power beats banter with bros. This isn’t just for the single girls- whether you’re having a ladies wine night or getting ready for a date, here are the 9 best episodes from Friends, Broad City, and Sex and the City to curl up with and feel grateful for the female friendships in your life.



1. “The One With George Stephanopoulos”-  Season 1 Episode 4

This is the perfect place to start, especially if you, like me, are in the stage of life where the starving student is about to turn into “figure your shit out”. Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe have a girls night that includes blended rum drinks, pizza, spying on a hot neighbour, the full emotional cycle of feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing with your life, and the conclusion that it all works out in the end when you’re surrounded by your friends. It’s season 1 nostalgia and a cozy girl night all wrapped in one.

2. “The One With All The Poker”- Season 1 Episode 18

The girls lose spectacularly to the guys in poker, so they do some research, learn the game, and come back for an epic girls v. boys pizza and poker night. Go ladies!

3. “The One With Unagi”- Season 6 Episode 17

This being a Valentine’s episode is a total bonus- the highlight is Ross mansplaining self-defence to Rachel and Phoebe and them throwing it back in his face. Guaranteed to make you smile every time you see “unagi” on the menu at your favourite sushi restaurant.



(Okay, you’re right, just watch all four seasons- every episode is amazing).

1. “Witches” – Season 4 Episode 6

Pure feminine mystique magic. You’ve got hilarious nods to sexuality being TRUMPED by the misogyny, the fears of aging in your 20’s, and a full-out bonfire dance party celebrating the wild freedom of being a woman, or a “witch” ;)

2. “Jews on a Plane” – Season 3 Episode 10

Scenario: You get your period on a flight and nobody has a tampon. This entire episode takes place on a plane and tackles all of the hilarious period stigmas. Ilana tries to make a tampon out of a pita, Abbi reminds us that mainstream media never talks about menopause, and the girls talking about periods is so graphic that the flight attendants think they are talking about a bomb. Pure menstrual hilarity.

3. “B&B-NYC”- Season 3 Episode 7

Just your typical girls night, plus rent struggles, sleeping on a roof, getting robbed and living in a city with an appalling rental market. Sound familiar?



1. “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice” – Season 6 Episode 7

Probably the best SATC episode out there. Carrie gets dumped via a post-it note by the worst man on the show, the girls go out to a dive bar, buy some pot, someone gets arrested, and everyone laughs about it over late-night ice cream. One hell of a girls night.

2. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – Season 2 Episode 1

Not only do you get to see Carrie drink cheap beer at a baseball game while wearing a full fur coat, but this episode tackles some serious girl talk problems. Miranda brings up the very good point that four smart, interesting, successful women seem to have nothing to talk about but boys- and then realizes herself that while this is true, sometimes you just need your gals no matter how superficial the conversation.

3. “Are We Sluts?”  -Season 3 Episode 6

The age-old question. STI’s, sexpectations, and addressing your “number”. A reminder that women are sexual and amazing, and to not be so hard on ourselves (while making sure to be SAFE).


Happy V-day, and happy viewing!

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