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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

8 Women of TikTok to Follow in 2021 

If there’s one thing that I was grateful for in 2020, it was the benefit of finding community and education online. 

For me, that came in the form of TikTok. 

I’ve never been able to connect well on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, so I was hesitant to download TikTok when it started to make waves around the world. Now, I’m so glad that I pushed past that. 

If you’re like I was, still feeling unsure of yourself amidst the overwhelming world of social media, these women are sure to make you feel a little more at home. 

Relatable Comedy 

It’s crazy to think that a fellow Vancouverite living right under our noses has amassed a following of 7.8 million on Tiktok, but when you watch Leena’s content, it just makes sense. She holds nothing back in her views on dating and relationships, so her videos are always good for a laugh! 

Jumping across the pond to Toronto, Meg is gaining traction steadily. If you’re a fan of sarcasm and dry wit, you’ll love her no nonsense approach to life. With topics covering everything from fat phobia to family relationships to quarantine life, she gives you every reason to hit that follow button. 

Women’s Health 

When I discovered Dr. Nicole’s account, I found myself scrolling for hours. If you’re passionate about women’s health and inclusivity, Dr. Nicole (OB/GYN) ticks both boxes. Gynecology can be a daunting world to get into as a young woman, so if you’re looking for tips on your first appointment, her series on this may help put you at ease. 

Along the same vein, Dr. Jennifer is another great OB/GYN resource. Her series on birth control is helpful for anyone looking to fully explore their options and make an informed choice. But of all the content on her page, Dr. Jennifer shines when she takes on myths and lies in reproductive health and disputes them. If you’re a fan of citations to back up facts, she’s your girl. 

Intersectional Feminism 

When Tyra popped up on my page, it felt like I’d stumbled on a gold mine. She’s a Canadian queer woman using her platform to discuss issues involving race and women. Tyra interacts a lot with her followers and tries to give them a voice by making videos about what women are actually discussing in her comments section. Need I say more? 

Tiktok dances, but make it feminist? That’s exactly what these sisters are doing. Emma and Fioli are two Canadian women mixing TikTok culture with women’s rights, and I love the spin that they put on all of our favorite TikTok trends. If you’re looking for women’s rights causes to learn about and support, their page provides a great starting point to uncover these. 


Fashion on TikTok is a rabbit hole that’s worth falling down, but it can take a long time to find something that catches your eye. For me, that was Violet. I love the way that she breaks through gender barriers for women when it comes to fashion. From her I’ve learned that there are infinite pathways to looking great and feeling confident. 

If you’re finding yourself wanting more sustainably and ethically made clothing, look no further than Natalia. As a forewarning, her clothes sell out FAST. Natalia’s designs range from trendy pieces to fashion staples, and the prices hit the mark for a student budget. To put the cherry on top, her clothes are made to order so the sizing is inclusive of all body types!

So there you have it, folks. A carefully curated list of women on TikTok that I hope you connect with as much as I do. I’m so excited to see what these women have in store for us in 2021! 

Sydney (she/her or they/them) is a Psychology Major at SFU with a focus in Behavioral Neuroscience. She is passionate about women's physical and mental health and LGBTQ+ issues. In her free time, she is a classical musician and avid long distance runner.
Abigail is a third-year International Studies major and Communications minor at Simon Fraser University. She is very passionate about learning more about the world around her and aspires to pursue journalism in the future. In her spare time, she is an avid Netflix lover, ice cream enthusiast, and BTS fangirl.