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8 Things That Only French Immersion Students Can Understand

Anyone who’s been in French immersion knows that it was both a blessing and a curse. Despite being told how beneficial it was and how much it would help our future, I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we wanted to throw our Bescherelles at the wall and drop the program altogether. However, after thirteen long years, I’m finding that, in my university French classes, I have a bond with anyone who also had to endure the extra provincial exams, crazy teachers, and social stigmas that came with learning this second language. We have all been there, and even if you didn’t continue with French in post-secondary, here’s a little nostalgia from our French immersion experience:


1. The constant war between the French fries and the English muffins


2. Being hated by the English kids in Grades 8 and 9…


3. …But then always being asked to speak French, once they started to be okay with having you around

4. Your love/hate relationship with Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp


5. The Olympic marathon-like competition that was the Verbathon ®


6. Edith Piaf’s eyebrows


7. This guy:


8. Appreciating that, no matter what, you always had that weird, dysfunctional, and awkward family you called Français Langue

In spite of the teasing, the jokes, and the extra obstacles I had to overcome, at the end of the day, I am so grateful that my parents enrolled me in French immersion. The French language has become a passion of mine, and my high school experience would have not been as rich as it was without it. It has opened— and, I hope, will continue to open—so many doors for me.

I will always wear the “Frenchie” label loud and proud!

Sarah is a third year student at SFU with a major in Communication and a minor in pumpkin spice lattes. She loves her Boston terrier, Harley, and is looking forward to adopting many more rescue puppies throughout her lifetime. She is your basic white girl and loves caffeine, blanket scarves and watching Grey's Anatomy. BC born and raised and with a special place in her heart for Ottawa, Sarah hopes to one day explore Canada and take in all the beautiful sights the country has to offer.
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