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7 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Vancouver

Its that time of the year again, when it rains nearly every day or every other day here in Vancouver. Although we all miss the longer days, the sunshine and the ability to walk around the city without an umbrella, there are some benefits to having the rain around. I, for one, love the rain and the aesthetic the rain brings around. Below is a list of some of my favorite activates to do when it rains.  

1. Stay Home and Chill  Probably the most obvious and practical remedy for a rainy day is to stay home and enjoy a relaxing night. Let’s be real, how many of us like going out every weekend? I secretly enjoy it a little too much whenever my plans get cancelled because it means I get to stay home, wear my PJ's all day, binge watching my favorite Netflix shows. Sometimes its better to hangout at home and do nothing all day than force yourself to get up and trek around in the rain and besides the rain makes us crave comfort a little more than usual.

2. Check Out a New Cafe 

We are so lucky to live in such a diverse and interesting city here in Vancouver. One of my favorite things when I am out on a rainy day in downtown is to explore the city and find a new café to check out. I love going into cafes ordering a decadent treat and sipping on some hot tea while starting out at the rain outside. I highly recommend checking out Narcity’s Vancouver completed list of cafes for some suggestions. Link will be posted below.


3. Lazy Library Afternoons 

I am a huge booklover so this rainy-day activity is something I enjoy doing often (because it rains so much here in Vancouver). Going to the library for me is so therapeutic, I love looking at new books and I can spend hours sucked into a book without even realising it. I would recommend pairing this activity with the one above, what’s better than a good book and hot coffee?

4. Go for a Walk 

Being born and raised in BC the rain does not bother me at all one bit. I love walking in the rain, with or without an umbrella. A short walk in the rain just helps me clear my mind and makes me feel so relaxed. If you haven’t done a walk in the rain before, give it a go, just dress warm!


5. Long Drives in the Rain 

This activity goes hand in hand with the one above, if getting wet isn’t your thing but you like being in the rain, you might enjoy a drive in the rain. Long drives in the rain are great for deep, meaningful conversations, listening to your favorite heartbreak album and just enjoying the rain.  

6. Lots of Indoor Activities  

The great thing about rain it that it forces you and your friends to get creative with your weekend plans. There are tons and tons of things to do in Vancouver besides climbing mountains and kayaking. If you haven’t already check out the extreme air park (a new location just opened in New Westminster!), go rock climbing or even plan a bowling night with your friends. Living in Vancouver we have so many activities indoor activities available to us, if active activities aren’t your thing, I definitely recommend going to the Vancouver aquarium after dark, checking out the new exhibit at the art gallery and maybe planning a karaoke night. Challenge yourself and do something new with your friends instead of your usual weekend activity, you might be surprised with what you come up with.

7. Have a Get - together 

The only thing better than hanging out at home alone, is hanging out at home with your friends. I’m a big fan of a movie nights, girl’s night in, hosting dinner parties or just having a board game night at my house. You don’t have to go out all the time to have a great time with friends, sometimes the most casual nights are the best nights.


Hopefully some of these rainy-day activities help inspire you the next time you feel like you have nothing to do on a rainy day.


Amneet is a 4th year communications student at Simon Fraser University. Born and raised in the city of Surrey, she loves the sound of rain, in fact she listens to rain sounds every night to help her sleep. Her favorite past times include: reading, binge watching Netflix shows and perfecting the art of sarcasm. You can get to know her more by following her Instagram: amku2500.
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