6 Reasons Not to Hate Valentine's Day, Even If You're Single

With the coming of Valentine’s Day, a distinct divide of opinions seems to arise. There are the romantics, cloaked in sweet clouds of bliss, and anti-Valentine’s enthusiasts (often single, I have found), with bitter rumblings about how love “shouldn’t be commercialized” or that it “should be celebrated every day.”

I, personally, have been single on every Valentine’s Day of my life, except one. The day, however, continues to be one of my favourites of the year. Heading into Valentine’s this year, recently single, I am surprised to find myself still just as excited and not even a little bit bitter. Here are some of the reasons why!


1. Candy, chocolates, and every thing sweet???

Leading up to Valentine’s, you start to see fun love themed treats popping up (Leading up to! This means you have more than just one day to eat the heck out of them). Sure, you can get chocolates, and candies, and cookies and all that good stuff any other time, but Valentine’s themed treats add a little excitement into your life, not to mention they’re cute AF. Also, the fact that it’s Valentine’s gives you an “eat all you want without feeling guilty” free pass, so it makes all that indulging even more enjoyable than usual. 


2. An excuse to express your love for the people in your life, romantically or not

Valentine’s is about celebrating love and it doesn’t have to be exclusive to romantic love. Think about all the people you love and are grateful for in your life. Valentine’s gives you the best excuse to give them a hug, a little “I appreciate you” card, or a couple homemade cookies! How is that not the greatest thing?! Remember in elementary school when you had to bring Valentine’s cards for the entire class? Who says we have to grow out of that?!


3. Valentine’s tattoo flash sales

Just like with the coming of other holidays, Valentine’s offers up tattoo flash sales. Flash sales are really great if you’ve always wanted a tattoo, but don’t quite know of what and are focusing your money on getting through school (or just on a lot of chocolate). Valentine’s flash sales are nice if you want a more pretty, delicate, and sweet tattoo. This doesn’t mean all flash sale designs will be pretty, delicate, and sweet (so if that’s not your thing, there might still be something for you!), but that tends to be the overarching theme.


4. If you’re single, it’s an excuse to treat yourself (with all those tasty looking sweets maybe???)

If you’re taken, you might be out of luck here, but this one is a great reason not to hate Valentine’s if you aren’t. Assuming that you’d be spending a decent amount of time and money on gifts, dinner, looking nice or something like that if you had a significant other, being single at Valentine’s means that you are magically a little richer and can spare some extra money on yourself (that’s how it works, right?). What a perfect time to splurge on all those V-Day treats you’ve been seeing around, or a tattoo maybe?


5. It’s just a day

When it all comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is just a day. It isn’t an obligation, it’s not a cruel reminder of your singleness, and it doesn’t have to be your problem. Just because it exists doesn’t mean you have to acknowledge it. If you don’t want to go out and celebrate love, you shouldn’t have to. If you’re single, the existence of Valentine’s doesn’t change that. If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, that’s ok! Don’t bother with it. For some people, though, it is! And I think that in itself, is pretty great. Even if you are apathetic towards it, look at all the people who are excited and happy to be celebrating a really positive thing. Spreading a little love never hurt anyone.


6. And the day after, all those sweets go on sale!!!

And after it’s all over, whether you like to celebrate it or not, we can all appreciate the sales on extra tasty chocolate-y goodness!


Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/heart-smarties-pink-sweetness-1949301/