3 Ways to Use a Planner Effectively

                                                      3 Ways to Use a Planner Effectively 


I am sure that we are all getting to the point in the semester where the deadlines for papers and assignments are flying by. On top of that there are Zoom meetings, extra-curricular activities and a semblance of a social life that’s possible during Covid-19. Before having a planner, I was making endless to do lists on random sticky notes and setting reminders on my phone but felt so scattered and anxious. Now, I have a well laid out physical planner that helps me stay on top of everything, and I hope these tips help you too!


Categorize Your To-Do List

I used to create one giant to-do list that was never-ending and would carry over week after week. But I found that if I categorize my to-do lists into immediate priorities and future to-dos, it breaks the list down and I can allocate my time effectively. Then every day, I look at my to-dos and list three work or school-related tasks and three personal activities I want to accomplish. This way of segmenting my to do lists ensures I am not overwhelmed and paralyzed with the anxiety and tasks get completed.


Track Your Habits 

A great way to motivate myself to accomplish New Years’ Resolutions or personal goals is to create a habit tracker. For example, this week’s habits are taking Vitamin D and iron daily, working out five times, and flossing my teeth every night (please don’t come at me for being gross, I am working on it!) The habit tracker is a daily reminder of what I want to prioritize. 


Find a Planning System That Works for You

I enjoy my moleskin planner that lays out the days of the week on the left and a blank page on the right. My personal favourite is from Muji, which you can check out here. However, paper planners are not effective for everyone. Perhaps having a bullet journal is more your vibe, a place where you can jot down all of your thoughts and have a personal and creative take on the classic journal. You can even go completely digital with your planner with great productivity apps and websites like Notion or Asana. 


Like a journal, a planner is a great place to have all the thoughts and to-dos out of your head and out in front of you to effectively organize and allocate your time. By scheduling everything from work to workouts to zoom calls with friends it ensures that I don’t forget a task or deadline and that I take time for myself every day. I hope this inspires you to organize your life and get that bread!