16 Reasons Why You Should Go to SFU

BC lower mainland is a vast place with many potential paths for you to eventually take. Whether you’re currently in your last year in high school, or finally deciding to get back into the academic life, there are plenty of schools to choose from.  SFU, UVIC, UBC, Emily Carr, BCIT Capilano are only a few to begin to name.  In collaboration with our Sister Chapter Her Campus UVIC, we’ve narrowed it down to two schools – SFU or UVIC – where you can get help deciding between!

Everyone knows that choosing which post-secondary school to attend is a hard decision. From SFU students to you, here’s how we can help make your decision easier.


1. Free Transit

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SFU students are eligible to receive free transit through the U-Pass BC Program. As an SFU student, you get unlimited, all zone access to public transit in Metro Vancouver. Luckily for you, this includes a whole range of transportation, including TransLink bus, skytrain and the seabus. As a bonus to free transit, we’re in a close proximity to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – making travelling time much quicker and more convenient.


2. University situated on a mountain

What other university has their campus on a mountain?! SFU's location on the mountain overlooks Burrard Inlet, and has plenty of green forests and paths for nature walks! 


3. University Ranking

SFU is consistently ranked as one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada. Having been placed in Maclean's annual top university rankings, SFU has landed the top spot in the annual national rankings 12 times over the past 25 years, which comes to no surprise with the amount of research and facilities that the research university offers. 


4. Raccoon Family at SFU

You need to see this for yourself. 


5. Tri-semesters

SFU runs in three semesters, so students have more class variety throughout the academic year.



If you're interested in sports, or are keen on watching a competitve game, SFU is perfect for you! Our athletic teams are in the NCAA, and is the only Canadian school in leagues to have teams play amongst the, predominantly, American league. 


7. Franchises on campus

Craving for a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, a french vanilla from Tim Hortons, or even a power smoothie from Jugo Juice? Well, we've got you covered. SFU has franchises located all over campus. I.e. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Jugo Juice (UVIC does not). 


8. We have an official SFU song: Engage The World

Engage The World was written and produced by a fellow student at SFU's 50th Anniversary Legacy Song Contest in 2015. If you have a knack for songwriting/singing/producing, be sure to look out for the next contest.


9. Park Trails and Ocean

Because SFU Burnaby is situated on Burnaby mountain, there are plenty of park trails to adventure, which are great for walking and running in all seasons. It’s also great location for picnics! Although UVIC students might argue that they’re close to the ocean, SFU is actually a nice hour walk through some pleasant forest path to an ocean beach.


10. Residency

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Compared to UVIC, SFU residence all has single rooms, so you don’t even have to worry about thinking of having a roommate. Having your alone time will almost never be a problem!


11. Terry Fox

Canadian athlete Terry Fox attended SFU. Every year on September 30th, SFU Burnaby holds a walk/run for cancer research in honour of the Terry Fox's legacy and even has a statue  of him built. As a fellow SFU-er, it is an incredibly cool feeling to be attending a university that Terry Fox, a Canadian legacy, once attended. If you've grown up in Canada, you know what I mean when I say Terry Fox was and continues to be a true legend.


12. Ocean levels

If ocean levels started rapidly rising, SFU’s location would place SFU students at less likely risk than UVIC students. The farther from the coast, the better right?


13. Puppy Therapy!

SFU's Health and Couselling Services offers puppy therapy during stressful academic periods. This fall, you can get your dose of cute puppies at SFU Burnaby on November 16-18 at Saywell Hall, SFU Surrey on November 23-24 at the Mezzanine Area, and SFU Vancouver on November 29 at the Concourse and Teck Gallery. Don't miss out!


14. Eating in the library

Studying is already hard enough, but luckily for us, we can do it on a full stomach since we’re allowed to eat in our library.


15. Campus location

SFU has three campuses – Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey.  Although we may be a commuter school, there are triple the chances of you expanding your network and meeting friends. Our downtown campus is also in the heart of the city (near Historic Gastown) so there’s never a dull moment in regards to a lively social scene.


16. Avocado. That is all.