15 Things I Learned From My First Year at SFU

Moving away from home for the first time and transitioning from high school to university is an experience that offers much room for growth and learning. Although I have learned many things, here are a few.


1. Always check before sitting down on Res toilet seats

Especially if you’re on a co-ed floor.


2. You have to get out early if you want to find a place to study (or make friends with people who do)

Unless you know of some secret places, most study spaces on campus are always taken up. RIP for my fellow late-sleepers.


3. Bring your chargers everywhere

I never knew how easily my tech died.


4. You can’t afford to maintain relationships with people who add stress to your life

I don’t mean good friends who you sometimes support through tough times. This is for people who have more of a negative impact on you than a positive one. Exams and papers that have a lot weighing on them all come around at the same time and if there are people in your life that cause a lot of stress, it can potentially impact your grades if you’re not careful. There is too much going on for you to have the time and energy to put into not-great relationships.


5. Guadalupes is amazing

Words cannot describe.


6. Be nice to your TA!

It can go a looong way.


7. You can get away with skipping class… kind of

No one is going to get on your case if you miss a lecture or tutorial, and when you’re lucky, the professor will post lectures online so you don’t even need to show up to get the content. RIP for iClicker questions and tutorial participation and attendance marks, though.


8. Never use the middle line at Tim’s

Unless you want to have the longest wait.


9. Potential harassment can be easily overlooked

The stuff featured by Global is a good example of this.


10. Cartems by Harbour Centre is amazing


My only excuse to visit the Downtown campus tbh.


11. Second hand text books and library reserves make all the difference

The amount of money you save.


12. Vending machines are a godsend


Whether you’re just out in the AQ and starved, or if you’re on res and too lazy to go to the dining hall.


13. It’s amazing how much you can get done in one night


14. Wait for the green light before you tap

Otherwise you’ll be standing there for a long time trying to get your Compass card to work and annoying the people behind you.


15. You definitely can’t do everything

Work, school, 5000 clubs, friends. Something’s gotta give.