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10 Reasons To Shave Your Head (Even If You’ve Never Thought About It)

I spent five months (give or take a lifetime) wanting to shave my head, but being too conflicted to actually do it. Once I finally did, however, it was a liberating experience that continues to be the best decision I’ve ever made for myself in my entire life. Three months later, I have come to you with my top ten (of a verrrry long list) reasons why you should stop debating and just get to shaving if this is something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while too.  


1. You can donate

Whether you end up liking the new do or not, it can be worth it no matter what if you choose to donate all your hair to a good cause.


2. So soft

And it grows in super soft! You won’t be able to stop touching your head. (Who needs dogs when you can just cuddle yourself??)


3. Head pets

You won’t be the only one unable to keep your hands away. It isn’t even a problem though because head pets are more pleasant than you’d expect. (You’ll finally learn why dogs love head scratches so much.


4. Showers

Showers are also amazing. You don’t know heaven until you’ve had one without any hair to prevent the warm water from hitting your skin directly.


5. Low maintenance

Not to mention your shower time is cut back hecka, and you can get away without showering if you snooze your alarm too many times! And you’ll be saving money on using less products too!


6. Toques

You’ll be wearing a lot of toques (because, let me tell you, the world is a cold, cold place without any hair to cover up your head, neck, and ears), especially as it starts growing in and bedhead hits. You’d be wearing them even if you didn’t have to, though, because they are the coziest and most comforting items of clothing that you’ve ever encountered. I have definitely discovered a newfound appreciation for the accessory since shaving. They’re also cute AF!


7. Dating aid

Being bald might turn some potential courters off, but this actually turns out to be quite useful. It’s a great first line of defense against anyone who might turn out to be a waste of your time. If someone is willing to turn you away because of your hair (or lack of thereof), really you’d probably not want to pursue them anyway. It’s also an excellent conversation starter!


8. Confidence

It’s ok, though, because you will learn to appreciate and love yourself in new ways. It can be a time of self-discovery and challenging your confidence.

You will certainly stand out a little bit and people will look at you, forcing you to become more confident and comfortable within your own skin. With societal beauty standards for women and traditional definitions of femininity floating around, there will also be days that you might not feel very beautiful or very feminine. These days will start to challenge the way you think about beauty and femininity, leading you to move past these and value yourself more fully.

For people who highly value their hair, this can be a time to challenge your own self-appreciation and to newly discover and love yourself through different definitions of your own beauty. For people with hair that has been a source of insecurity and unhappiness, this can be an opportunity for you to shed that and start learning to love yourself in ways you haven’t been able to before.


9. It’s just hair, and it grows back

Really, shaving your head won’t matter for very long anyway. It’s just hair, and hair grows back. It definitely might seem like forever, but you’d be surprised how fast your hair actually does grow (and how fun it is to watch!). And, regardless of how long it is, it’s a short time in relation to your entire life. Might as well take the leap of faith once, just to see how it challenges you and helps you grow. Maybe you’ll love it! And if you don’t, you don’t ever have to do it again.


10. Because you want to

When it really comes down to it, there is only one reason you should shave your head. If you’ve been wanting to do it, but have been putting it off for various reasons, just go for it! It’s not a forever decision and if you don’t do it, you could very definitely regret it in the future (take it from all the older people who give you compliments, talking about how they wish they could do the same but are now too old).

Emeralde is an undergrad at Simon Fraser University majoring in Resource and Environmental Management and English. Follow her on Instagram @emeralde.od for updates on her Between the Sheets series.
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