You're Worth The Wait

So many people say long distance relationships never last; they all say you will eventually grow apart. Whoever says this doesn't know anything about you and your relationship. I, myself, have been in a long-distance relationship for 4 and a half years and I plan to make this relationship last forever. Here are a few tips from me, a girl in a LDR and how to make it last.

Communicate: Communication is the number one rule to any relationship, but it is the top priority for a LDR. Texting and social media apps like Snapchat and Skype helps couples communicate from whatever distance.

My Advice: Try to skype whenever both of your schedules allow. My boyfriend and I try to Skype at least once a week. This allows the two of us to have an allotted time to see each other’s faces and catch up on the week and relax. There are many different apps or websites that let you watch a movie together while you Skype. Microwave some popcorn, get comfy with blankets and watch a favorite movie together.

Care Packages: No matter the holiday, Valentine’s Day, your S.O’s Birthday, or even just because you found something that you know will make them smile, little care packages or hand-written letters to your S.O can show them that they are on your mind, and could even brighten their day.

Surprise Visits: The day I opened the door to my dorm room and saw my boyfriend standing in the doorway with flowers in hand was such a surprise and was so perfect. I was overjoyed with the fact that the person who makes my heart the happiest, drove all the way to Nacogdoches just to see me for my birthday.

Trips: Depending on your schedules and funds, try to plan a trip for both of you to meet in the middle. Between Nacogdoches and Lubbock, Texas, the middle point is Weatherford, Texas. Meet in the middle and go do interesting things in the town. My boyfriend, Ethan, and I went to a vintage car museum in Weatherford and went and saw movies and just got to spend time together.

Finally, and most importantly:

Show Them That You Care: Even with all the forms of communication, people get busy, we all have school, jobs, internships, mentorships, research and more. Ask your significant other about their day, be patient with them when they don’t text back immediately, send them texts when they cross your mind. Showing that you care even from miles away can make any LDR a little bit easier to manage. Make them feel your love no matter the miles.

People were fearful for my relationship and would wonder if my boyfriend and I were going to last, but being eight hours apart does not make us drift, but makes our hearts grow fonder. I get to travel to see him next weekend and I am extremely excited to get the chance to see him. There are so many long-distance relationships throughout the world, but if the two people in the relationship are willing to make it work; it’s always worth it in the end.