You Should Be Listening to half•alive

Who is half•alive?

half•alive is an indie pop band from Long Beach, California and consists of lead singer Josh

Taylor, drummer Brett Kramer and bassist J. Tyler Johnson. The band came about when Taylor decided to try to write 50 songs to improve his songwriting and from that came their 3-song EP, aptly titled 3.

Why you should be listening to half•alive?

Their music blends genres like R&B, funk, pop, rock and soul into a neat little aesthetically pleasing package. The create music with funky beats, introspective lyrics and it ranges from high-energy to dark undertones. On top of their musical talent, their interest in film gives fans colorful, intricate and beautiful music videos that seem like they are from a different time. 


If you like these artists, you’ll like half•alive?

COIN, Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon


What songs should I start with?

  1. Aawake at Night
  2. still feel.
  3. Tip Toe
  4. arrow
  5. The Fall