Why You Should Travel in College

Photo by: Kristen Walkenhorst

The idea of exploring the world has always appealed to me. I adore packing a bag, hopping on a plane, and crossing an ocean to immerse myself in another culture, and I absolutely recommend doing so to anyone. The benefits of traveling include, but are by no means limited to, experiencing other cultures, getting out of your comfort zone, and living in the moment.

            Experiencing another culture can be incredibly eye opening. When you are immersed in another world, the way you think about your own society is altered. Suddenly you see all the things you love about where you live, like people holding open doors to show southern hospitality, while discovering all the things you want to take back and implant from their society into your own. It also gives you an opportunity to be more tolerant towards other people’s beliefs. By being a more tolerant person, you can become friendlier or more approachable to others.

Photo by: LaShauna Bell 

            Traveling also provides a chance to get out of your comfort zone. By stepping out of the everyday schedule we all abide by we are forced to grow as individuals. When we’re immersed in a new environment, we see things in a new light and this can spark a newfound interest or inspire us in a different way. By tapping into this otherwise unknown world through travel, we give ourselves endless opportunities to expand who we are.

            Lastly, travel can give us the opportunity to live in the moment. As a college student, I find it nearly impossible to live in the moment because everything I do is so future oriented. When we step out of our day-to-day routine we can’t help but to take in our surroundings and truly live in the moment. Travel opens your mind and forces you to not think of the daunting future, but rather, to enjoy the moment and people surrounding you. Being present in the moments and memories we make is just the type of vacation many people need.

            I highly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and patterns. Go somewhere new, whether it’s across the ocean    or in your town, and escape life for a little while. Who knows, it may even give you a new outlook on life that changes everything.