Why You Should Book That Flight

Earlier last month one of my close friends did something that she always dreamed of doing. She accepted a job in New York and instantly moved there. When I heard the news I immediately decided to buy a ticket to visit her for Easter week but was very hesitant on doing so. Mostly hesitant due to not being able to financially afford and still pay off rent and bills for the upcoming months. My bank accounts weren’t very pleasant and the longer I waited the more I urged to buy my plane ticket until finally after four days I ended up just doing it without thinking of any consequent in the world. I literally had one month to be able to afford this trip and if you guys personally know me you know that I’m a graduate assistant that only gets paid once a month. This is my first big spontaneous trip that I have planned all on my own and while doing so I learned:

1. Airbnb is your best friend-

When you download the app and sign up, Airbnb automatically gives you $40 in credit but you have to act quick since it expires the same day you signed up.        



Love yourself. You're not always going to have the ability to travel and life will just get in the way sooner than expected. Take this opportunity and book that trip.



3. Booking a spontaneous solo trip lets you be more independent-

Even though I'm going to visit my friend she's not going to be able to be with me 24/7 due to work, which means I have the freedom to schedule what I want to do and where I want to go at a steady pace with no one arguing that they don’t want to go to the same place that I do.

4. Unplanned traveling creates the best memories-

Once I land in New York I literally have no set plans and I’m kind of going with the flow. Sometimes getting lost helps you discover the cool, quirky things that many tourist don’t know about like that really great hole in the wall or that awesome hidden shopping center.

5. And last, if you don’t do it now then when?

You will keep wondering what if? Or thinking “If I bought that plane ticket I’d be doing this by now” but stop overthinking it because you will miss out on great opportunities and experiences. You will figure it out, I promise but for now just book that flight.