Why You Need A Pet Plant

Photo by: Joy Meregini

 I’ve recently decided that I wanted to commit to something that requires care and attention, so I went with a pet plant that I have now named rainbow.  To contradict what you might believe, having a pet plant isn’t as easy as it seems. They require your love and care just like an animal. Though I’ll admit not as much, they still make great pets and here are a few reasons why:

They're good for the environment. I thought that it would be great to start off with the obvious. They provide oxygen by the process of photosynthesis, helping us to breath. And who’s ever heard anyone say that we’ve got too many plants living on this earth? 

It is a great start to learning how to keep a living thing… living, Unlike a dog or a human. Maybe start small with something that won’t grow up to suffer from all your mistakes.  See how committing to a plant goes before committing to an animal.

Your love will never be rejected. You may not be able to squeeze or hug your pet plant, but you can tell it countless time how much it means to you and there is a guarantee that it won’t run away.

You can talk to it day and night and it has no choice but to listen. An added plus, you talking to it expels carbon dioxide onto your pet plant, helping it to grow.

I hope that I have lit up a desire for you to go to you to own your very own pet plant today. Take care of it, and don’t forget to water.

Photo by: Joy Meregini