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Why Spring is the WORST Season When You Have Allergies

1.You literally CAN’T breathe through your nose.

Photo courtesy of: webmd.boots.com

2.You try to breathe through your mouth? You look like a serial killer.

3.You get a sore throat from all that weird mouth breathing.

4.Good luck trying to drink anything for the next 4 months with that constant sore throat.

5.Your face is puffy and sore to the touch, because your sinuses are so messed up.

6. Meds are expensive AF. 

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7. Sometimes they don’t even work.

8. You spend all your money on meds so you can’t even get pizza pockets.

9. You literally witness obscene animal acts while you’re eating lunch.

10.Over protective bird moms try to kill you just for walking under the tree their nest is in.

11. Don’t even get me started on THESE DEMON PODS FROM HELL

Photo courtesy of: www.rain.org

12. Good luck trying to keep your white car clean. Or any color car for that matter.

13.Try to clean them off your windshield in a hurry with your windshield wiper fluid? Hope you like a greenish brownish film on your windshield.

14. The mosquitos are coming alive again.

15. It’s cold in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon.

16. You literally need 3 different outfits just for one day

Spring is a very pretty season I will admit, but when the season personally attacks you it’s hard to appreciate it. I’m much more appreciative of the figurative nature of spring. It is a season of new beginnings and a great start to the wild summer life style. So, go ahead – cut your hair, break up with that trash boyfriend, try that new outfit you saw in the window. Just reinvent yourself and have fun! 

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