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I am only about thirty episodes into the original Shonen Jump Naruto Series, and I am in love. I have never been into anime as much as others, but Naruto immediately stole my heart. From its lovable and determined main character to its dangerous and haunting villains, Naruto offers a wide range of compelling characters with rich backstories and engaging story arcs that will keep you captivated until the very end.

            Before I started watching Naruto, I was worried I would not be able to understand the terminology used throughout the show. A lot of animes are centered around alternate universes with their own set of rules and special powers assigned to each character. Although there is a lot to learn about the Naruto universe, everything is explained in great detail by various characters at a somewhat slow pace. As long as you pay good enough attention while watching the show, all of your questions will be answered. I know of several times where I would ask my boyfriend a random question only for it to be answered by the show later in the episode.

            Once you can understand the common terminology and follow the story better, you will realize that the overall story in the original series is quite slow and steady. The beginning of Naruto follows the story of a young ninja and his team who are training to better their skills and climb the ranks to become the strongest Shinobi (or otherwise known as ninjas) in their village. Throughout their journey, they must face an abundance of obstacles that are seemingly impossible to overcome. One of my favorite aspects about Naruto is the writer’s ability to pull at your heartstrings while also providing many thrilling and action-packed sequences.

            Now, I know I am only about thirty episodes in, but that should show you how deeply invested I have become while watching only the beginning of the story. Even if you are not too interested in Anime but want to give it a try, Naruto is the perfect show for you! I understand that Naruto is incredibly long, but there are several websites that list all the filler/non-essential episodes that you are free to skip. If you are thinking about starting Naruto, it is available in both Sub/Dub on Netflix and Hulu. Naruto Shippuden is not completely Dubbed on Hulu and Netflix, but you can find the rest of the Dubbed episodes on various anime websites if you hate watching Anime Subbed like me. Even if Anime isn’t quite your style, I hope you still give Naruto a try!

I am a senior at SFASU, graduating in December 2021 with a bachelors in Animal Science. I want to be a Zookeeper when I get out of school because I have always had a passion for exotic animals. My favorite hobbies include painting and reading!
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