Why Can’t Texas Have a Real Autumn

           Having lived in Texas for almost all my life I know as well as every other Texan is that we do not really experience seasons. It’s a sad but true fact that, although Autumn may start September twenty-third on the calendar, we know that it doesn’t even remotely look or feel like it until mid-to-late November if you’re lucky. Shoot, who am I kidding – I remember one Christmas it was a humid seventy-three degrees outside, but you bet your ass I was still in my cute long, fuzzy pajama pants. But back to the point. Fall is, in my opinion, the best season. With Spring being a close second.

           To me, the perfect Autumn would be cool enough to wear pants and a cute long sleeve shirt without dying from the heat, with the leaves turning different colors, and some hot tea in my hand. Fall is also my favorite fashion season. You can wear really cute booties and scarves whereas in Winter you are just bundle up out of necessity and in Summer you wear as little as possible, again out of necessity, and Spring just isn’t my favorite color palette. I personally do not think a decent Fall is too much to ask for, but I guess you don’t always get what you want.

           At the end of the day, I still love where I live and since moving to Nacogdoches for school, I’ve been able to experience more of a cool down for the transitional seasons. In the end, I will always love Autumn, but I guess Autumn just doesn’t love Texas.