What You Could Do After Graduation

As some of us Seniors are getting ready to make our exit out of undergrad, we may still be wondering what could be next for us. You don’t have mortgages or kids or other responsibilities yet.Take a chance at doing something. Sometimes our passions or our purpose can be found from the different paths we decide to take, instead of society’s paths for us.

  • Go Home

Please, please, please don’t be a bum. Find some way to contribute to society. I am not saying for you to go home and sulk in your sorrows of spending 4 years in a university only to not have jobs lined up and not idea of what you want to do in life. If you move home, make sure you bring an exit strategy with you. Go home, let college soak in for a minute. Tap into those interests, and followed passions.

  • Start a YouTube Channel

You can try this creative route as opposed to a regular 9-5. This can be a great way for you to open door for creative, and life changing experiencing. This can be over something you passionate about, your hobbies, or even about life post-undergrad.

  • Go to Grad school

Maybe 4 years wasn’t enough for you. Maybe the job you want requires extra time in school. Whatever the reason, if you reconsider your career path and want to go into a completely new direction, going back to school may be your best option.

  • Travel

Get out of familiarity. Go out and mingle with the locals of Ibiza. Take the best Instagram worthy photos. You can even take up the opportunity to study abroad. Traveling could also give you interesting things to put on your resume, making you to stand out from other potential candidates.

  • Volunteer

You can do this locally, or internationally. There are many opportunities for current student and graduates to give back. You can volunteer at your dream company, potentially leading up to a full-time. Meet new, interesting people that can change your life forever, and help build up your contacts.

  • Start your own business

This certainly won’t be easy, and probably can’t be done overnight. If you have a passion for something, why not turn it into a profit? Starting a business can be the most rewarding but can also be the most challenging thing, but the ends will always justify the means.

  • Work Part-Time or Freelance

Give yourself time and flexibility to figure out your next step by working part-time for a company or by using your skills to make some cash. Are you athletic? You could work at your local gym, or try being a personal trainer.


All in all, just remember, your first job might not involve your major in a major way or you may come to find that your major may not have a significant bearing on what you do in life. You are not your degree, so don’t feel limited by your opportunities because you graduated with a certain degree. Whether you know what you are doing or not, you may want to give one of these ideas a try. You never know where life is going to take you next.