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What’s in my Backpack?: End of the Semester Edition

Remember the first day of school, when you had your life together? Your backpack was stocked with notebooks for every class, five pencils, an empty planner and endless possibilities. Well, those days are long gone. School ends in two weeks and you’re lucky if you have a pencil. 

Here is what my backpack looks like at the end of the year:

  1. A folder filled with miscellaneous papers for every class I have and scantrons because finals week is coming for us. 
  2. A wallet with no money in it because I spent it all on Starbucks. 
  3. A laptop to search through Amazon when I should be listening to a lecture. It’s the end of the semester and I have the attention span of a small child.
  4. A single pencil. Literally. Because all my other ones have magically disappeared. 
  5. A packet of pens and highlighters that I may or may not use depending on my mood. 
  6. An umbrella because you never know when the rain will start falling in Nacogdoches.
  7. Lastly, I carry a few Carefree Acti-Fresh panty liners, with new Twist Resist technology. These liners won’t bunch up or twist and have 8-hour odor protection so you can take on the day with ease. We all know that comfort is the main priority for finals week, and you can achieve maximum comfort with these Carefree Liners.

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