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Stranger Things season two premiered on October 28th, and while the 15-month wait was excruciating, it was totally worth it.

Season two brought us more bad-ass female leads, a lovable Steve, the long awaited Jancy and even some new characters. Beware: Spoilers ahead!

The Good

Eleven’s Origin Story

All the first season left us with were questions, and most of them were from Eleven’s experimental life in Hawkins Lab. I am so glad the Duffer Brothers dived head first into Eleven’s dark history.

The beginning of the season opens with a band of misfits in strange masks. The leader: 008, better known as Kali, takes on the role of Eleven’s “sister”, a child who was abducted from London and was also experimented on in Hawkins lab. Just like Eleven, her nose bleeds when she uses her power.

Kali plays an important role in the plot when Eleven must choose between a family she barely knows, or her friends that she knows will protect her at all costs. While many viewers hated episode eight where Eleven had to make this decision, I loved it. Eleven makes the choice to let go of her past that is dark and riddled with lies and deceit and chose the love that can come to her with Mike, Hopper and the gang.

Best moment: The scene where Eleven and her mom, Terry, communicate with each other in their special way and we finally understand Terry’s vegetative state.

Steve and Dustin

Arguably the BEST thing in Stanger Things 2 was the big brother role Steve took on to protect the kids (but mostly Dustin). After a drunken Nancy tells Steve their love is “bull shit” old, jealous Steve hastily leaves Nancy at the party.

But old Steve was the best thing to happen in the plot. Jonathan and Nancy FINALLY got together, and more importantly, awkward yet charming Dustin got the brother he needed.

I, like many others, absolutely despised Steve in the first season. He was that guy in high school who had too much to prove, too little to show for it, and worst of all, treated his girlfriend like an object.

But season two Steve was his redemption. When no one was there to help Dustin get rid of Dart, Steve hesitantly agrees to help this odd child get rid of the only thing that could possibly get the new girl in town, Max, to notice him.

Dustin was one of the most iconic characters this season. With his trademark hat covering his curls and new teeth, Dustin is more confident than ever. Steve was his perfect match this season.

Best moment: When Steve gives Dustin the secret to his fabulous hair-do: Farrah Faucet Hairspray.

The Girls

All of the female characters in Stranger Things are bad ass. Joyce, the fearless mother; Eleven, the mysterious girl with strange powers; Nancy, the real-life Nancy Drew and Mad Max, the new girl in town.

I love the frame story the Duffer Brothers chose to go with this season. Eleven’s origin story fit in perfectly with everything else at the end. Joyce ruined her house again. Nancy righted all the wrongs of Hawkins lab.

Best moment: When Max hits her terrible step-brother, Billy, in the crotch with the monster hunting bat. I had no words.

The Bad

While I LOVE Stranger Things, I felt like this season was very different from the first. There weren’t as many gems, like the Christmas lights, Eggo’s, and Barbara. But this season was very story heavy and set up many great things for the next season. My final thought on what I absolutely could not stand in this season:


While there was some closure for the death of Barb, the Duffer Brothers were at it again, killing beloved characters. I nearly cried when I saw MewMew eaten by Dustin’s new pet, Dart, that was a Demogorgon in disguise.

They took it a little too far this time. We all need #JusticeforMews.


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