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The Week Before Finals

SFA is a great university. We’ve got beautiful scenery, great degree programs, awesome people and more. I’ve loved my past 4 years here, but as a graduating senior, there’s one thing I can definitely say that SFA lacks – a dead week.

Dead week – for you SFA students who might not even know what this is since we don’t have one – is a week where classes and learning stop, set specifically the week before finals. During this week, students are given time to study and prepare for finals and finish up projects, rather than being forced to learn even more information and like most classes do, turn in essays and presentations.

So why does SFA need this? I’m going to explain that to you the way I explain most things – with humor. Below you’ll find a number of GIFs that represent the way students at SFA feel in the week leading up to finals as they attempt to raise their GPAs in a matter of 14 days.


1. When you’re so exhausted that you just stare at your notes/computer screen while studying like

2. When everything from your classes is starting to run together

3. When you wanna turn up but you’re TOO aware of how much you have to do

4. When you realize that despite having been in school all your life, you still don’t know how to study properly (much less balance it with everything due during the week)

5. When you’re very aware that you’re losing sleep over school but have no way to fix that

6. When your family calls to check on you and see how the end of the semester is going

7. When you realize what’s led to this stress all along

8. When that procrastination has killed your ability to produce anything worthwhile and you are STRESSING

9. When you’re ready to give up and you picture yourself doing it in your head

10. When you finally get though the week

11. But then you realize next week is finals week.

Hello, my name is Jack Rivera and I am a graduate student at SFASU. I did my BA in English with a minor in women's and gender studies at SFA as well, and I currently am working on my Master's in Literature with a focus on British and American women writers and queer theory. I am a Senior Editor for HerCampus SFA, but I additonally like to dabble in writing when I have the time. Aside from that, I enjoy reading queer fiction and biographies, and I spend most of my free time hanging out with my lovely girlfriend and our cats. 
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