Ways to Keep Yourself Busy in Quarantine

I tried thinking of ways to avoid writing about it, but in the words of female rapper Cardi B., CORONAVIRUS is literally everywhere. It is constantly being mentioned all over the news and social media. Every day it seems like there is new reports of the death rates rising across the globe and situations getting much worse rather than better. Everybody on Twitter seems to think that they are licensed doctors and experienced economists (they are not) and are spreading false and dangerous information to the public.

Practically all over the world, especially here in America, individuals are spewing out hateful remarks and participating in Xenophobia against Asian people when the bigger picture of a global pandemic killing upon hundreds of thousands of people should be far more relevant. There has been mandatory lockdowns and quarantines put into place across the globe. The NBA (National Basketball Association) games have been suspended, Coachella and other musical events/festivals have been canceled and pushed back, Tik-Tok is taking over the world, and seemingly unproblematic Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, were tested positive with COVID-19. All of this and so, so, so much more has been happening and let me just say, it’s been freaking crazy to experience.

I want to say that I have not been stressing the heck out and going insane over everything that’s been going on, but if I did then I would be lying. The world is a hot, inconvenient, scary mess right now and there is not much that I nor you nor anybody else can do about it. Well there are some things we can do. We can follow the rules set in place to try our best to social distance and stay in our homes.

I am a natural born introvert so, this quarantining hasn’t been too difficult for me; however, I know many out there are social butterflies who need some outside time like ASAP. I get it so; with this week’s article I want to talk about ways you can keep yourself busy during this quarantine. Not only will these activities serve as entertainment, but they can act as a much-needed distraction from our present reality. Below is a list of several things one can do while quarantining:

1) Read a book.

2) Write. (Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spoken Word, a comedy sketch. Anything really!)

3) Cook a nice meal. (But don’t use up all the quarantine food/snacks while doing it.)

4) Do in home exercises. (I hate exercising, but I love to encourage others.)

5) Paint/draw/sketch.

6) Binge watch TV shows and movies.

7) Sit outside on your porch, lawn, balcony, or backyard for a few minutes. (Just because you're stuck in the house does not necessarily mean that you are stuck in the house.)

8) Play with your pets.

9) Play games. (Board, Card, Video. You name it!)

10) Enjoy family time.

11) Organize and clean your house/space.

12) Read some Her Campus articles. (😉)

13) College students keep doing your best and staying on top of those online classes!!

14) Listen to music or create your own music.

15) Watch your favorite artists on their Instagram lives. (Still waiting on Ariana Grande to do a live concert.)

16) Take several naps.

17) Log off of social media for at least an hour or two a day. (This will really help clear your mind.)

18) Participate in a Tik Tok challenge. (It’s very enticing. So, why not?!)

19) Facetime your friends.


There are so many other things that one could do while self-quarantining, but this list is just to name a few. I hope that everybody is staying as safe and as sane as possible. It is hard times right now, but I do believe we will make it through.