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The “Voice” of the Students

Unhappy with the library hours? Want to suggest an event? Who listens to questions such as these, and actually does something about them? The position of the Student Body president serves as the advocate for students, helping us obtain a “voice” in some of the decisions and changes on campus, and Dennis Hagans serves this school year as that “voice.”

Hagans always wanted to be actively involved while in school searching for opportunities to enrich his education experience, but being elected as the third black student body president of Stephen F Austin State University, never crossed his mind.

With the main goal of helping students in mind, Dennis eagerly strives to meet the needs of all students making sure things that students want to happen are actually happening.

Hagans also serves as an orientation supervisor training students to become effective orientation leaders to assist students in the 12 to 14 orientations held in a calendar year. Dennis also serves as an SFA 101 Student Instructor teaching assistant. Keeping him with all these activities as well as school work, could be a difficult tasks for some and even Dennis admitted that his, “planner is my life!” We can only image the meetings and red marks scheduled in his agenda in a week’s time!

Dennis never skipped a beat when I asked about his free time activities. I figured with such a busy schedule I would’ve never guessed the answer I received. Dennis has worked side by side with his high school to help establish a scholarship under his name for students working diligently and actively while in school to help out financially with college. 

So what’s next for this ambitious senior? Grad school, of course! Dennis also plans to continue to stay involved with the orientation program assisting behind the scenes.

I enjoyed my time spent with Dennis, and greatly appreciate the support and advice he gave for the HerCampus staff concerning the success our team. This motivated man inspires those daily by giving out a piece of advice he follows faithfully: “Decide today to make a difference, and your tomorrow will never be the same.”

We thank Dennis for time out of his busy schedule to chat with us, and wish him the best of luck as continuing out his duties as Student Body president, as well as his time devoted to graduate school after graduation!

Kayla Borens is a senior from Stephen F Austin State University pursuing a degree in Public Communications. She has been selected as a recipient for the 2012 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and graduate of Kilgore Junior College. Kayla currently interns for pr firm CasMacPR, and teaches Zumba! She is also an active member in a Christian youth group, The TURNAROUND in East Texas, as well as a supporting sister of younger brother, Spencer and older sister, Selena. Her post-graduation plans include working in Texas pursuing a career in public relations and social media and making her parents proud. :) You can follow her via Twitter @PR_incess_KayB & @creativedream_.
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