The Top 3 Morphe Brushes to Order Immediately!

Morphe has quickly taken over the market for cheap but amazing eyeshadow pallets, liquid lips, and brushes! As someone who enjoys doing makeup greatly, purchasing brushes was something I always dreaded until I discovered Morphe. They have many different lines of brushes that you can find for literally anything. Although all Morphe brushes are worth purchasing, these three brushes I recommend closing this tab and buying IMMEDIATELY.

Y6 – Pro Flat Buffer

A part of the Gilded collection, the Y6 buffer is the PERFECT brush for applying foundation. Running at $9.99, this is a pretty cheap brush for the quality it is. This brush is one of YouTuber Laura Lee’s favorite, as in every recent video you see her applying makeup she uses the brush! I’ve ordered the brush myself and fell in love! It’s definitely worth the purchase you won’t be disappointed.

Y14 – Pro detail highlight

Another brush apart of the Gilded collection and running at $5.99, this highlight brush is so precise your highlight won’t go anywhere you don’t want it. The perfect fit for the cheek bones, the nose and even on the chin, this brush will have you looking like a glazed donut in seconds. This brush has been recommended by several YouTubers including Jaclyn Hill and Laura Lee! You don’t want to miss out on the amazingness of this brush.


E55 – Pro flat contour

This brush, running at $6.99, is one that will help you clean up your contour or stamp out a perfect line under your eyeshadow! This is a unique brush that I discovered through YouTuber Jaclyn Hill and have been thankful ever since! You need this brush!