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Thong for Thought

Just saying, I hope you know

That wearing a thong was a lot of work

Some wear them exclusively 
But not I

I wore whatever is comfortable

Lately I have begun the slippery slope

Of regularly wearing a thong


Thong, you are beautiful

Indigo blue in color with lace

You make my olive skin glow

At first you made me feel exposed

That is the point I suppose

I have grown to love the freedom I feel

When I am wearing you, my new friend


You make me feel sexy

That much is for sure

My boyfriend loves my tush

He says he liked my bush

But he doesn’t understand 

The female anatomy

At least he says so 

But my experiences say otherwise


Wearing you to work has been fun

You make me feel edgy in a professional world

Even better was wearing you to class

Sitting by my boo

Knowing you’re there adds fantasy 

Excitement in a world of routine

My beautiful cheeks, at least, are free


Graduate student of psychology
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