Things to Do in Austin for Under 21 Year Olds

Summer is just around the corner and celebrating the end of the school year in Austin would be perfect as long as you know where to go. Using my experience from a weekend trip, here are # things to do if you’re under 21.

1. SoCo

South Congress Avenue (commonly referred to as SoCo) is one of the most Austin Aesthetic places in the whole city with its string of shops, cafes, food trucks, street performers, and the famous “i love you so much” graffiti to offer. Right next to “i love you so much,” is the golden toilet with “TAKE A TRUMP” on it if you’re into that. Plus, if you’re lucky, you could see a famous internet star like Hannah Hart, like we did!

2. Sixth Street

The perfect place for someone’s 21 birthday party, and home of VooDoo Doughnut. The Cap’n Crunch donuts and Oreo donuts were delicious, huge, and super sweet. While there are a few 18+ bars, they all had $10+ cover charges on the Friday night that we went, and the ones that we went to weren’t the best for dancing at. But, by the Cheveron at the end of 6th street near a large public parking area, there’s the Green Man graffiti for a picture perfect evening.

3. Radio Coffee

There are tons of great coffee shops in Austin, but my favorite was Radio Coffee because it was a nice sit-down-drink-some-coffee-and-take-a-smoke-break kind of place. It was friendly to smokers outside, and non-smokers inside and outside. They have a large variety of options on their menu, and pastries as well. It’s beautiful and sleek inside, but there are a lot of flowers and shade outside as well. And you can write on the tables outside.

4. Pease District Park

While we were there for a special event – Eeyore’s Birthday Party – anyone that enjoys parks, outdoor activities, or nature in general, Pease District Park might interest you. There’s a small creek where you can play in the shallow areas, there’s a large hill you can go up to use as a workout or just to get to the other side of the park, medow-y areas, and a trail for bikes.