TFW: I Got BTS World Tour Tickets

When I found out my favorite (ultimate bias) group would be having a world tour in late April, I was ecstatic.

At 10am (12am Korean Standard Time; BTS tends to post things around this time), the dates and places were dropped for the world tour. Which induced screaming from me, because BTS was stopping at Fort Worth for two days to perform. It is needless to say that I began to plan with my sister-in-law and partner about how much we would spend, and where we would like to be seated at, as well as how much we would spend on merch if we bought some.  

            So, my little group and I decided that—yes, we were going to go see BTS in Fort Worth or try hard in trying to see them. My group decided that I should be the one to buy the tickets online—with my sister-in-law’s card—when the time came, and that we were going to purchase P5 tickets (the tickets that were $100 because sh*t is expensive). I thought I had more time to prepare myself and let myself forget about getting the tickets until the time came. 

            [Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment]

Then the news that the Fort Worth tickets would be sold on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, and my anxiety shot into space like a rocket. I began to feel the pressure as the sole one to purchase the tickets, and as someone who isn’t too religious, I kept praying every night till the day of, scared as hell because I knew those tickets would be gone in minutes. My partner and sister-in-law kept reassuring me, telling not to be too anxious and if I didn’t get the tickets, it was okay. 

 But I was determined to get those tickets, and nothing was going to stop me. 

The day of, May 5th, I got up at 8:45 in the morning, a little more than an hour before the tickets went on sale. I got on my computer, and pulled open three different tabs, two with tickets for Saturday and one for Sunday. I sat with anticipated breath as the clock on the website counted down. Around 9:45, I flayed my arm around, keeping from screeching as I was put into the websites waiting room. My heart felt like I was going to jump out of my chest and start running in circles. I twiddled with my fingers, leg bouncing as it got closer to 10am—the time the tickets were going to be sold. 

When the clock stuck 10, the site put this small blue line on screen telling me that the line indicated where I was in line so that I could buy a ticket. My stomach dropped, and I clenched my hands; after waiting literally an hour, I had to wait even longer in this stupid line to buy my tickets that were probably already being bought. To keep myself from going insane, I checked the other tabs seeing where they were, and to my surprise, where I was in line in the Sunday tab told me it was almost my turn to buy my tickets. I sent a quick text to my sister-in-law, in all caps, “DID YOU WANT SATURDAY OR SUNDAY” which she replied she didn’t care which date. I quickly jumped on my chance for the Sunday tickets. 

I was able to get to the purchase your ticket page, and I started to try and get three seats. I kept trying and got nothing. I was starting to feel helpless, and a bit teary eyed to be completely honest. I really wanted this concert to be my first, but to also be the most memorable one since I love BTS so much. I kept clicking, trying to find tickets for three, and just when I had almost given up all home, a window opened for me. Three tickets opened for me in the section that my little group and I wanted. My eyes widened, and I hastily went through the procedure of buying the tickets. 

At 10:22am I was able to buy three tickets for the BTS World Tour concert in Fort Worth for September 16th.

                        [Screenshot by Bri Bell] 

After buying them, I sat in shock, holding my hand over my mouth in disbelief that I had actually gotten tickets. To be completely honest, I felt like crying, but I was so happy I sat there texting my little group the good news. They were so happy, and my partner called, squealing into the phone about the news. It took a while for the news to sink in that we were going to see BTS and it was something that was going to become a reality to us. Even now, I feel doubt this is actually happening and my real life. 

Getting the tickets sure was a journey, but it was worth it!