The #TEETHChallenge

By now, you may have heard about a recent internet challenge going about through your social media, especially Twitter and Instagram.


Well, the first two weeks that Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) released their song “Teeth” worldwide, fans were posting videos of themselves and their friends, trying to hit the high note sung by band member Luke Hemmings: “TEETH!”

In my opinion, most videos were very amusing, consisting of the subject’s laughter and range of pitch that seemed to be impossible. As the band realized what was happening in their fandom, they followed suit.

Photo from: // Twitter @ Calum5SOS

The first band member to join in on the challenge created by the 5SOS Fam—the official label of the fandom—was Ashton Irwin.

The red-headed drummer imitated Hemmings’s soprano note while in his kitchen, with no music in the background, and wearing a black Friends of Friends shirt. He captioned the tweet with “TEEEEEETH” and three laughing emojis.

The next day, Calum Hood, bassist of 5SOS, posted his challenge video on his Twitter page, wearing a black hoodie, and (in a similar style to his bandmate) having no music in the background and only singing the soprano note. Hood captioned his tweet: “Michael. The ball is now in your court. @Michael5SOS”

After being tagged by Hood, guitarist Michael Clifford posted his video 12 hours later, wearing his eyeglasses, a black beanie, and a black shirt. However, this video failed hilariously! In the first few seconds, he was lip-syncing the lyrics leading up to the word. As Clifford was singing the high note, he accidentally changed the song to Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” causing him to stop and try to stop the music immediately.

At last, Luke Hemmings, 5SOS lead singer, followed with a post of his own several hours after being tagged by Clifford. Let me tell you, IT WAS ADORABLE! In the beginning, Hemmings is seen with a black muscle tee and a man-bun. Then, his bulldog, Petunia, was shown on the vocal, as if she was the one singing the note. She was all smiles in the video! Hemmings proceeded to caption: “I tried…” (with an oh-well emoji girl and a rock out hand emoji) “…#TEETHChallenge I’m calling out my boy Jon @jonbonjovi unless he’s too scared”

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Friends of the band have also uploaded videos of the challenge such as their producer, Andrew, and their photographer, Andy DeLuca.

Since the first weeks of the release, the #TEETHchallenge videos have died down a bit. There are a few videos here and there with the hashtag, but at least it does not cover the majority of your Twitter’s timeline or Instagram feed anymore.