Spring Cleaning the Soul: Advice from a Psychic Medium

Michael Whatley is a psychic medium serving the Nacogdoches community. He has 15+ years of experience helping people receive insight and guidance in their lives; many times even closure. He can communicate with people who have crossed over, such as angels and spirit guides.

I met Michael Whatley two years ago shopping at our local metaphysical store, Urban Hippie, and over time I have gotten to know him. I can attest to Michael being able to provide guidance for people when they reach a hardship in their lives. Many people have come into the store to shop and end up getting a reading. They leave with a new perspective on their life and learn ways to reconnect with themselves and align with their higher sense of purpose. Below is an interview with Michael on questions many of us have.

  1. 1. Can you please explain what your intuitive gifts as a psychic medium and spiritual healer entail, and how they are different?

    “I would say is that first off, I do not want to set myself apart from anyone else and make it seem like I am special or doing something no one else can do.

    I definitely am able to communicate with spirits and see visions of past, present and future. I don’t have control of any of that. I have been able to help people in missing persons cases. I would say what’s different is I am just easily in tune. It is easy for me to believe in what most people find hard to believe in and that’s why it’s so easy for me to connect, but I don’t think I am special or better than anyone else.”

  2. 2. When did you first know that you had psychic and mediumship abilities?

    “I would say around age four or five. Because I can see energies and angels and other beings and communicating with people I never met that were no longer alive. Being validated by family members. I knew it was really strong around nine or 10 years old. I remember my uncle passed away and he lived in another city. When his spirit went to me and told me he was leaving momentarily my mom got a phone call. He passed. That’s how we all knew.”​

  3. 3. What is your process when you’re reading for a client? How do you receive your information?

    “I practice by taking myself out of the equation and shut my brain and mind to allow to be spirit to open my mind up for information to be shown and come through. Getting myself out of the process is the tricky part.

    When I do readings, I call to God and Jesus and keep colors aligned, third eye open and antennas or to not allow any demonic forces to come.”

  4. 4. What can people do to raise vibes to get the most out of spiritual healing?

    “The best advice is to go within, meet God by yourself and not through others or what I say. Get into a space where you re-investigate God alone and being guided alone. When people look to others for theses answers is when there is trouble. God has a plan for everyone.”

  5. 5. Did you pursue any training to help you hone your skills as a psychic, spiritual medium and healer?

    “No. I was born open to this. It was always this this is my normal. Now I read and learn but I never took any formal training.”

  6. 6. The word “psychic” can have a negative connotation. Is there anything people can do to ensure they are receiving legitimate spiritual and medium readings?

    “There are people who are liars. Best thing to note is if they say they are a real psychic, they always charge a flat fee or price. Never trust people who see everything or say you have a curse and only they can take it off.  Usually for large amounts of money. RUN IT’S A SCAM! Also, if they keep asking you to come back, they are not legit. Real psychics just let clients come to them as the client wants.”

  7. 7. Any advice for people trying to get aligned spiritually?

    “Start talking to God and higher powers. Find people that are real and investigate for yourself.

    Main thing is do not try to get someone to tell you what you should be. It is personal and you can find suspensions in disbelief and seek, and you shall find. Fear is the mind killer!”

This spring consider taking time to cleanse out your soul for a moment. Many of us have issues burdening our souls and being able to seek clarity in the metaphysical should be considered. Exploring where your beliefs lie is a crucial part of growing up and becoming your own person. Michael’s advice applies to everyone, regardless of faith. Who you are should not be dictated by what someone tells you to be. Rather, take time to explore yourself and find your true identity.


**Michael is available Monday- Friday 11am-5pm at the Urban Hippie located at 109 Upton st Nacogdoches, TX 75965. Urban Hippie caters to everyone of every faith. Give them a visit if you want to learn more about the metaphysical.

Source: https://psychicmichael456.wixsite.com/mysite/services