Spoiler Free Review of It Chapter 2

On September sixth It Chapter 2 was released in all its two hour and fifty-minute glory. Directed by Andres Muschiette, this movie takes place twenty-seven years after the first movie and follows as the older version of the Losers Club in their mission to end all the killings in Derry and finally kill “It”.

Image borrowed from Google Images

            I must put a warning/asterisk that I have not read the book. That thing is hella long and I don’t have the time for that, not to discredit Stephen King’s amazing writing, and I have not seen the other adaptations of this book. I really just want to talk about what I thought of it as an average movie-goer/lover and someone new to the horror genre because I am a baby and have only recently been realized what I have been missing out on.

So, I’m not going to lie: after seeing the first movie and hearing that there was going to be a second one I was very excited and hopeful that the second would be just as good if not better. But everyone knows that the sequel is very, very, very rarely better than the first. So firstly, I would like to address that the casting was beautifully done and that each older version not only performed well as the older versions, but also in bridging and connecting the past to the present characters.    

Now to get to the actual movie. In general, I thought it was a great movie, not better than the first but still good nonetheless. My main issue is with the time and pacing of the movie. There were times when it definitely felt like an almost three-hour movie and things were just way too drawn out. Other than that, I would say the feel of the movie seemed a little more cinematic than the first, with beautiful transitions and flashes between past and present, but still good. As far as the scare factor I definitely had a lot of good screams in there and the timing of the scares left me on the edge of my seat, or rather peeking out from between my fingers. Pennywise was still amazingly creepy and well-acted. This movie surprisingly had me laughing, I think even more than the first though.

In the end, I think It Chapter 2 was a good movie that y’all should definitely go check out for some good scares as well as laughs.