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People will say you have to look or act a certain way to be in a sorority. You have to be white, skinny, blonde, straight and rude. But that stereotype is completely false; you don’t have to be any of those things.

I went through the process of recruitment for a sorority feeling uneasy and nervous.
Would I fit in and be accepted for my authentic self?

In high school, I said I would never join a sorority because it seemed fake and I was going to feel left out. But something flipped in my brain senior year, and I decided it was a good idea to try it out. I had really never felt that huge bond with a group of women before and truly wanted that. I am an only child and I was looking for a group of women who lifted each other up and who I could call my sisters.

I wanted a diverse experience where people were accepted for being nothing but themselves. Luckily, I got that when I found my home at Delta Zeta at Stephen F. Austin State University. When the people say “trust the process”, really believe them, because I promise you will truly end up where you should be. I was worried I wouldn’t find people with the same interests as me and that no one would like me but I found I was completely wrong when I first stepped foot into the Delta Zeta house.

If you are questioning joining a sorority, I would say try it; you could potentially find your lifelong friends and sisters. My favorite thing about our Delta Zeta chapter is how diverse we are; we have people from all different backgrounds. I am only a freshman, which means I cannot wait to see what Greek life has in store for me.

I am so excited that Generation Z is slowly but surely breaking the stereotypes of sorority life and it can become an organization for every type of woman. No matter the race, sexual orientation, body type, religion, and political beliefs we can come together as women and rejoice our differences.

Hannah is a Mass Communications major with a concentration of Broadcast Journalism. She is a Libra Sun, Pisces Moon, Aquarius Rising. She is a lover of plants, crystals, astrology and anything crafty.
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