Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage? The pros and cons of shacking up.

If you’re in a serious long-term relationship, like me, and find yourself looking to take the next step forward, you may be beginning to question what exactly the next step even is. Is it marriage? Is it moving in together? Are you even ready for that next move? If for you the next step is moving in together, you’re in the right place. Lucky for you, I have been considering this dilemma and have compiled a list of pros and cons for moving in with your significant other before marriage.


First let’s look at the bright side of things. Pros:

1. Money. Splitting the bills with someone can make life more affordable! Savings will pile up with all the cash you can set aside when your rent is half the price.

2. You never have to say goodbye.Now that you’re living together, you don’t have to leave at the end of the night, so you can get ready for work in the morning without having to pack an overnight bag, because everything is already there!

3. You get closer to each other.By moving in together you truly get to see how your other half lives. 

4. Sex. Your significant other is now around more often when you get those urges to have a little fun. Instead of calling them to come over you can now simply walk into the other room and make your move.

5. It’s like taking marriage for a test drive. Because you are now living together, you get a preview into married life. You’ll see how every aspect of your lives fit together before you walk down the aisle.


Now let’s look at the not so fun stuff. Cons:

1. Living together may dull the excitement of getting married. Because you’re used to living with your significant other nothing is quite as new.

2. Cosigning. Going in together on an apartment or house puts you in a joint financial responsibility, and this stressor or differences in opinion on how money should be spent can cause big problems.

3. Chores. Splitting household tasks can be difficult if one of the parties involved believes it’s the others job to do all the housework. (Don’t be afraid to split who does laundry or who cooks!)

4. Balance. Although it’s tempting to spend all of your time with your boyfriend or girlfriend it’s still important to have a life outside of them. Tensions will rise quickly if you don’t allow yourself a little “me time”.

5. Cohabitation. Because you live together, maybe the idea of marriage won’t seem as important. In other words, you already act like you’re married, so why deal with all of the stress of planning a wedding?


Whether or not you decide to move in with the current love of your life is completely up to you. But taking the next step is a big game changer so consider all of the pros and cons with your partner before diving in.  If you’re ready to move in or get married, I wish you nothing but the best and hope that this list has helped you make up your mind!