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A Senior’s Thoughts on Procrastination

Welcome to Procrastination Station! Population: Me! And maybe you too!

Senioritis has sunk into my skin and has made me feel lazier than ever! I have just about two months until I graduate college and here I am standing at procrastination station, debating whether or not to get on the train. The weather here in Nacogdoches is not helping either! One day it’s cold, one day it’s hot and the pollen is flying through the air. Thank you, East Texas!

For a while I thought I was just in a slump. I wasn’t motivated to do anything, and I just always felt tired, but I talked to one of my friends at work who graduated last semester and they said, “you’re okay Sydney. You’re at the finishing line of your senior year of college after going through four stressful years.” I stopped and thought about that for minute and she was absolutely right. I went straight from high school into a four-year university and now I’m getting ready for graduate school, so you know what, it is okay to be tired.

So, you can quit telling me how tired I look!

You just have to push through the hard stuff to get to the finish line, and that is what I am going to do!

Remember that it is okay to procrastinate a little; as long as you do not get on the train! 

I am a senior, English major at Stephen F. Austin. I love to read, drink coffee and hang out with my friends from back home. My goal is to get a career in publishing and editing and I will be going to the University of Denver this summer for graduate school! Thank you for taking the time to read my articles and I hope you enjoy Her Campus!
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