This Semester Can’t End Soon Enough…

People always say that taking 16 hours in college is stressful, but I didn’t know how stressful it was going to be. I’ve been so worn out this semester that the only thing that I do is nap. And though amazing, napping was definitely not a good habit to get into because I stay awake longer than I should, especially when I have 8 AMs every Monday through Thursday. 

I am an education major, so most of my classes have to do with education. To say that it’s a lot of work is an understatement. I have had so many assignments, quizzes, and papers that it’s been a bit hard to keep up. I must say that everything I am learning has been really helpful, and I am definitely looking forward to being able to put these things into good practice.

Back in October we had our interviews to start our process of being accepted into the educator program. The interview was a make-or-break moment, and waiting for confirmation of whether I passed or failed had me super anxious! I passed, but I have literally been a wreck ever since. I don’t know if it was the stress, but I have been having severe anxiety that led me to stay up late into the wee hours of the morning before falling asleep right before my alarm is set to go off. I’m actually going to see a doctor about this, but hopefully it was just stress and nothing major.

The best part about my semester has been my observations. We’d have a set day to go into a classroom at the SFA charter school and interact with the children in the classroom. I looked forward to going there because the children were all so sweet and smart, and it was fun being able to see how an actual classroom worked.

My least favorite class to attend is chemistry. Oh, if only I didn’t need to take science at all. I am not a science person by any means, and if I am honest this will be the first time that I have failed a college course. I’ve studied for the tests, I’ve attended every class (except for one), and somehow my grades definitely do not reflect that. I try hard and I just can’t seem to grasp chemistry. The fact that my GPA is about to drop is putting even more stress on me that I don’t think that I can handle.

But other than being extremely tired, stressed, and ready to throw in the towel the semester has been ok. It’s not been the best, but I’m making do with what I can and hopefully next semester is better than the one I’m having now.